Thursday, September 02, 2010

Beauty Product of the Week: Naked Palette

What is it? Urban Decay's new Naked Palette, "features 12 eyeshadows that have a distinctly Urban look, yet work for everyone. These neutrals won't leave you naked. THIS is how Urban Decay does neutral: Far from boring, the Naked Palette includes 5 new shades (with names like Buck, Darkhorse, and Virgin) in addition to seven of the brand's most addictive best-selling eyeshadows. This is a shadow palette that everyone will want, everyone can use, and everyone will buy. Experiment with office-appropriate neutrals, summertime bronzy looks, or sultry smokiness (achieve golden, brownie, or grey-hued shade combos). Plus, you get an exclusive double-ended version of the award-winning 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black) and Whisky (a warm brown shade without sparkle) and a mini genie bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion. With all this at your fingertips you'll hardly need clothes at all."  Available at Ulta and Sephora for $44.

What did you think?  I picked up this palette after hearing way too much buzz about it...surprising since I'm not usually one to give into hype.  Also surprising because I am not the world's #1 fan of Urban Decay--I find their eyeshadows to be a bit too sparkly for me as a rule.  But this palette?  OMFG!  I love  it!

I wear neutral eyeshadows almost every day, so I love having so many options to pick from.  I also like that UD didn't include a winky-dink brush with the palette and instead threw in a double-ended eyeliner that, quite frankly, rocks.  Also nice is the added bottle of primer, a product I rarely use but one that's good to have on hand.

The final verdict?  Love it!  I love that there are so many colors to play with...and that UD included several non-glittery shades that are, as they mentioned, work appropriate.  I'm glad I gave into the hype and picked up this palette.  Give it a try for yourself!


Katie said...

I love the Naked palette! I got it for my birthday and I've been so happy with it. Also, I'm not a big fan of UD either but they really won me over with this palette.

Shayamli Mehrotra said...

Can you do a comparison of this to any NYX palettes you may own? Or can you list dupes for us? The only reason I haven't bought this is because I feel I own shadows which are too similar to this palette.

Joyce&Tina said...

New follower! awesome review! I agree that the palette is sparkly but that's UD for you! It's still super duper cute tho. Check my blog out. :D

Makeup by Lu said...

I would love to get this palette but I'm not a big fan of the price lol! I guess I'll just have to find dupes! :(