Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Spray On!

I have a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo.  I LOVE the idea of it.  I'm one of those really bad girls who washes her hair every single day.  I know I shouldn't be doing this, but it's hard for me to stop.  I always think and hope that a dry shampoo will be the answer.  But (now for the HATE part of my dry shampoo relationship) I have never been able to make dry shampoo work for me.  I feel like I'm either applying too much product or not enough, and no matter what I do, my roots feel greasy and I feel like I would be better off just washing my hair like normal.

I recently received some samples from Batiste of their new dry shampoo.  At first, I was apprehensive.  But then I actually TRIED the stuff and, surprisingly, it wasn't that bad!  It sure is a hell of a lot better than Jonathan's dry shampoo.

Here's a little bit about Batiste Dry Shampoo:

  • Batiste is ideal for creating the body and volume while ditching the oil, dirt, and grease that can wreak havoc on hair in the summer. 
  • Batiste works by penetrating the hair shaft to absorb the unwanted oil, dirt and grease while giving your hair a fresh clean scent.
  • Batiste comes in two great scents- Original and Blush. The travel size is perfect for a beach bag or night time clutch. Full size (150ml) retails for $7.99 while the “on the go” size (50 ml) retails for $3.99 at www.BatisteDryShampoo.com
 Here are my two cents:
  • Unlike other dry shampoos I've used, this one sprays into the hair.  I like this feature!  It means that I can hit my roots quickly and efficiently without getting too much powder in one spot.
  • The scent is nice.  At first I was worried it was too strong, but it seems to dissipate quickly so it doesn't interfere with my perfume!
  • It makes my hair feel (and smell fresher) and it does seem a little less oily than normal.
  • The price beats the pants off of other, more expensive options.
FINALLY!  I've found a dry shampoo that I can use and recommend.  NICE!

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