Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ReFreshing New Pedicure

This post is especially important for all my Washington state and California readers since it's about a fabulous new pedicure service from the always phenomenal InSpa.

We all have our favorite spas or places to get our nails done.  For me, I only get my pedicures from InSpa here in Washington state.  With locations in both WA and CA, InSpa is a no tipping full service spa.  They do waxing, facials, massages, and manis/pedis.  Sure I may pay a little more for a pedi than I would at the nail salon around the corner from my house, but at InSpa, I feel confident that I am going to have a safe and sanitary procedure...that all the nail technicians are licensed, that the place is clean, and that I'll get killer customer service and a decent pedi.  I also love that I don't have to worry about how much to tip--that always confuses me.

When I normally go to InSpa, I get a classic pedicure.  It includes a warm, softening soak in the whirlpool basin followed by intense callous work, nail trimming, and painting.  Sometimes I'll splurge and go for the signature pedi which includes a leg/foot massage, a moisturizing mask, and these amazing heated booties that provide instant relaxation!

Now, though, InSpa is offering a ReFresh pedicure.  Instead of soaking in the whirlpool or using any water at all, the nail technician uses hot towels.  The ReFresh pedicure is about 10% less (20% less if you're an InSpa Member) than a normal classic or signature pedi.  The ReFresh pedicure uses less water, so it's a bit more environmentally friendly.  Also, I think this may be a tad more sanitary than using the whirlpool.  I have never been worried about health issues at InSpa, but every now and then you hear stories about women who get skin infections from using the whirlpools at less reputable establishments.  If you're not using a whirlpool, you're not as likely to be exposed to any scary skin funk.

I was invited down to the Southcenter InSpa over the weekend to experience the ReFresh pedi first hand (or foot!).  I must say: I did not miss the water!  Instead of sitting in bubbling water, I had my feet up, wrapped in perfectly warm towels.  Unlike a normal pedi, I got a very relaxing hand massage, and I felt like my nail tech took a little longer with the foot/leg massage (and that's a good thing!).

After my ReFresh pedi experience, I think I'm hooked.  My legs (and arms!) felt super smooth and moisturized, my feet feel much better thanks to the fact that the nail tech used more lotion on my callouses than normal, and my nails looked perfect.  I can't believe InSpa is charging LESS for this service!  I loved it and will certainly be getting it again.

Way to go, my most awesome of all spas!  Keep up the good work!  I love that they're considering the environment, the economy, and customer experience by providing this new service!

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Emma said...

Is this available at all InSpas? Hmm, guess I'll check. :) Thanks for sharing.