Monday, August 23, 2010

Product Preview: Vitamin C+ Pure Radiance Line

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I am a big fan of Lumene products.  If you haven't tried anything from Lumene, you should consider trying them out.  They're from Finland and use a lot of natural ingredients like cloudberries and blueberries in the skin care and cosmetics products.

Lumene has a new dynamic duo designed to help brighten skin and fight the signs of aging.  You could use these two products seperately, but together, they go the extra distance to improve the look of your skin.  According to Lumene's research, 89% of users agreed that their skin was instantly brightened and more radiant when these two products were used together.  Further, 74% noticed instant pore minimizing when this one-two punch was delivered to the skin.

Let's meet each product, shall we?

Lumene Vitamin C+ Bright Skin Radiance Nectar, $21.99
Containing cloudberry nectar, this bright orange serum helps strengthen the fluid and micro circulation of the skin, resulting in minimized pores and a more smooth surface. Apply this to clean skin morning and night before moving on to the next product, below.

Lumene Pure Radiance 24h Lotion, $19.99
Containing mega-doses of Vitamin C and cloudberry nectar, this product uses plant sterols to improve the skin's moisture balance.  Antioxidants work to protect the skin against the signs of aging.  Used with the Radiance Nectar, this should make the skin look and feel more invigorated and balanced.

Initial Impressions:
I tried both of these products last night before bed, and my skin felt moisturized and protected without feeling greasy.  I did notice that my face looked a little less dull after applying both products, but that could have been from exfoliating before using these Lumene goodies---we'll see!  I do like the way both of these products feel and smell--they have a slightly citrus-y scent and feel very light going on.  It seems that a little goes a long way with both products--just a tiny amount provided a great deal of coverage.

So....we'll see how it goes.  I love Lumene products and I sure could use products that brighten up my skin.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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