Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do or Don't: Matchy-Matchy

Megan Fox: Pink dress with red lips.  Should she have reconsidered this look?
I read the following in the August issue of InStyle (I think it was August!  It was the one with Courtney Cox on the cover):

...being too coordinated with your clothes and makeup can smack of a faux-pas, but there's an easy side step: zero in on your pout and paint it a shade taken from your outfit.  Best to stick with timeless reds or rich, deep tones; steer clear of bubblegum pinks and frosty hues, which could push the look into costume territory.

I tend to agree with the advice InStyle is doling out here.  This is also one reason why I wear a lot of black: you don't need to worry about your lips clashing with your dress if it's black.  Now, throw on a pink or red dress and then you need to consider these things.  It might not look right if you wear a bright pink lipstick with a deep red dress.  These things really should be complimentary, if not matchy.

But how far does the matchy-matchy have to go?  I personally don't think fingernails need to be painted the same color as toenails.  I don't think that lipcolor has to match nail color, but I still give worry that my nails completely and totally clash with my lips. 

I guess the bottom line is this: You want to create a cohesive look.  You want to look like you made some effort while still appearing effortless.  Does that make sense?  Let me know...and let me know what you think about matching your makeup to your outfit!


phairhead said...

Eyeshadow & lipstick should be a coordinating colour but not matchy matchy.
My nails I could care less if it goes w/ my outfit

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