Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do or Don't: French Manis/Pedis

I go to a lovely spa to get my pedis done.  They offer great services and their nail techs are very detail oriented.  I've never had a bad pedi in all the years I've been going there.

Whenever I schedule an appointment, I am always asked if I want to have a French pedi.  I always decline.  In case you don't know, a French mani/pedi is when the base of the nail is painted pink and the tip of the nail is painted white.  See below for examples.

Here's my question for the week: are French manis/pedis hot or just a hot mess?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Now, since this is my blog, here's my opinion: Yuck.  I don't understand the appeal of a French mani and the whole idea of a French pedi just creeps me out.  It looks gross to me.  French manis remind me of Miss Lee Press-on Nails, and that's not a good association.  French pedis?  Blech.  Why would you want to make your toe nails appear longer? 

I always steer clear of the French mani/pedi.  But I'm just one person!  What do you think of them?


The Mighty J said...

Its funny because I haven't gotten anything other than a French Pedi for the last 7 yrs LOL I like it because then I never have to worry about colours clashing with my shoe or outfit - I personally think its a classic. In between pedis I have tried using just a single colour , but after a few hours I hate looking at my toes LOL To each her own I think! :)

ashley.readings said...

I think french manicures are a great classic look - if done well. I HATE seeing sloppy or obviously hand done french mani's... looks bargain basement to me.

French pedi's on the other hand make me want to vom. They are seriously weird. Why on earth WOULD you want to make your toe nails look longer?!

I'm a big nail polish girl so I love colours (and sometimes designs...) clashing be damned.

phairhead said...

There's something called a reverse French which is super cute, pink base w/ red tips

Lydia said...

your comments crack me up! I can concede that french MANIs are WAAAAAY better than french PEDIs, but I still don't think I could go this route.

All that said: to each her own, indeed! If you're french mani/pedi girl, then own it...and rock it! :)

Dee said...

i dont mind them, if they are done well. I like their clean look- it keeps nails looking clean, fresh, glossy and polished, but you dont have to worry about it clashing with anything. Its sort of like how foundation is supposed to look like your skin, but better. A good french mani/pedi should look like your nails, but better :)

Melissa W. said...

I'm still flipping out over the toe picture. AAAH! Yeah, I don't think French pedis are good at all. I really wouldn't want my toenails to look longer either.