Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do or Don't: Blonde Streaks

Black hair or blonde hair?  You don't have to decide!  (Or do you?)
I'm a natural blonde but I do enhance my color.  Being a platinum blonde (at the moment) I am no stranger to the bleach and tone.  I am also no stranger to non-natural hair colors.  In the course of my life, I've had hair in many shades, including blue, purple, pink, and green.  I'm all for self-expression and shaking up the status quo.

One look I don't quite understand is when girls have dark brown or black hair on the bottom with chunky platinum streaks on top.  (NOTE: I'm not trashing the emo girls here.  I'm thinking more of the mall-girls with their crazy, fried hair, low-rise jeans, over done makeup, and orange tans). To me, the black on the bottom, ultra-blonde on top look is reminiscent of one thing:

But what do I know?  Do you think black hair with blonde streaks is a do or a don't?  Leave a comment!


Retrodiva said...

I've never understood that look at all. Especially when the top layer is completely blond and the underneath layers are black. It's just weird.

phairhead said...

Black hair w/ blonde highlights is a don't!
But I love blonde hair w/ dark low lights ala Debbie Harry circa 1978

Ruby Goddess said...

I don't understand it. I see it all the time and I love how fried the top layer is since I can tell these girls are obviously not that light of a blonde naturally.

Anonymous said...

2 me it is no stranger than pink,purple or blue hair...Self expression...2 each their own.. I do wht I like & don't worry about wht others like or don't like...It's your hair.There is NO DO'S & DON'T's as far as I am concerned. Who is any1 2 judge wht looks good! Wht looks good 2 1 is different 2 another & so on.Screw wht is in or out!This pic reminded me of Kat Von Dee which I love her hair that is how I ended up here!