Thursday, August 05, 2010

Beauty Product of the Week: The Falsies

What is it? Maybelline's Volum'Express The Falsies mascara provides, "false lash glam in a tube, instantly! The Falsies Mascara delivers a false lash look, giving you a full set of voluminous, bold, fanned-out lashes and the appearance of no gaps from any angle. The Pro-Keratin Fiber enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results, distributing volume and visible intensity to your lashes. The spoon-shaped brush helps fan lashes out. The Falsies Mascara is designed to give the appearance of no gaps and spaces. In a wink, lashes you didn’t even know you had look visibly thickened!"  Available at drug stores and big box stores for about $7.50 or less.

What did you think? I don't know about you, but I find mascara ads to be very, very misleading.  They show women with layers and layers of false lashes and claim that their mascara will provide similar results.  We all know it's a pack of lies, but we all fall for it.

Maybelline's The Falsies mascara promises to give you fake lash results without the need for you know, fake lashes.  The applicator is very flexible and is easy to use. You can work the mascara into the inner and outer most lashes without too much effort.

With The Falsies, my lashes looked more defined than normal...and very dark, thanks to the fact that I bought Blackest Black (that sounds like a Danzig song, but whatever!).  I did not have any trouble with clumping (a huge plus!) and I found that The Falsies added length while thickening my lashes. One minor annoyance: this mascara seems to go on thick and wet.  It seemed to take a few seconds to dry, but I've never had it smudge while I was waiting for it to set.

I don't think I got "fake lash" results, but I did like the overall look of my lashes with The Falsies.

The final verdict?  The price is right and the mascara does a decent job at lengthening and thickening lashes.  It's not the best mascara I've ever tried, but it sure is far from the worst.  Not quite a ringing endorsement, but still--it's a perfectly adequate product and I'd consider purchasing this again.


Yvonne said...

Thanks for the tip. I agree. Truth is not a necessity for marketing, I guess. I blogged about mascara adds in general here...

Shannon said...

I *LOVE* this mascara! It does take a bit of work (2-3 coats) but some tricks I use are to use the thinner side of brush for first application, allow a few moments for it to dry a bit, then the wider side (first innner scoop, then outter scoop) to "build" for volume - always allowing a few moments between coats & sometimes using a lash comb to break up clumping if it happens. I have not had this smudge or transfer on me, although it can get flakey when you touch up after several hours for a "day to night" transition. I've tried many mascaras and find this is a kick-ass priced mascara for what it delivers, IMHO. Love your site, btw :)