Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eyebrow Raised in Speculation...

This post can be summed up by two nice, neat bullet points:
  • I don't trust mall kiosks
  • I sorta like the process of waxing
Random?  Perhaps...but keep reading.

So....over at my closest mall, the central pathways are littered with people selling all sorts of crap interesting things from kiosks.  They sell cellphone cases, tacky stickers, hair straighteners, creepy sketches, ironic t-shirts, crummy art, etc.  Kiosk vendors frighten me a little--they're like the mall equivalent of freakshow barkers, but unlike freakshows, I have no interest in what they're peddling. They can be a little aggressive, and when you're trying to dodge through the slow-moving mall masses who are intoxicated by the ulta-potent stink spray wafting from Abercrombie, the last thing you want is a kiosk vendor trying to clip fake hair into your scalp.

Then one day a few months ago, I noticed it.  Right near the food court.  Some unsuspecting mall shopper was plunked down in a salon chair, leaning back.  Another woman (kiosk barker) hovered over the sprawled out shopper, raking what looked like a long, thick piece of dental floss over the shopper's face.  I couldn't stop staring.  The kiosk lady had one end of the thread IN HER MOUTH while she dragged the rest of the thread over the shopper's eyebrows, chin, and so on.  Then I saw the sign, "Eyebrow Threading."

I had never heard of eyebrow threading, so I looked into it a bit:
  • Threading is a "ancient" hair removal technique that comes from Asia
  • It removes hair from the follicle, so it's relatively long lasting
  • A pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, mustaches and so on
  • Threading removes an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line 
I'm all for trying new things, but a few things struck me here:
  1. When I am getting a spa procedure done, especially one that involves having hair removed from my body, I prefer to have said procedure done in private.  This eyebrow threading kiosk was, as I said, in the middle of the mall, right near the food court.  Thousands of people walk by on their way to get their hit from Aunt Annie or that slut Cinnabon.  There's no privacy smack in the center of the mall. There was no partitian, nothing to allow for at least the appearance of discretion.
  2. The threader kept holding the thread in her mouth.  HER MOUTH!  ICK!  I'm probably just being a germ-phobe, but the whole mouth thing just hits me wrong.  It seems so unsanitary.

On a final note: I am going tomorrow for a much needed brow and upper lip waxing (and express pedi!) at my favorite (private and hygienic) spa.  There's something about waxing that is almost pleasurable to me.  I like the feeling of the hot wax on my skin, the way the gauze is rubbed into the wax, and that moment right before the gauze is ripped off my flesh.  Those silent seconds of anticipation are a hoot.  I don't think I'd give that up for someone to rake a thread (dangling from their mouth) over me.  But that's just me.  I'm stuck in my ways, I suppose!

If you've had threading done or if you want to convince me that it's better than waxing, leave me a comment!


    Elana said...

    My friends mother did a bit of threading on me, it's nothing I'd stick to (I find getting my brows waxed nice and relaxing), but it's not bad! She also had the thread in her mouth, but that part of the thread never touches your skin, so it's alright. In addition threading is virtually painless, so it's good for people who maybe be sensitive to wax! I wonder if people thread bikini lines? Well even so, I doubt I'd want someone staring at my lady parts that attentively, lol. ^^

    Glitter Toes said...

    Wow this is the first time we have heard about this!

    It seems painful but if you say it is not we believe you.

    ~Glitzy Nails
    glitter toes utah

    EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

    I used to get my brows threaded back in college from this Indian lady who has a small salon. It hurts as hell every time but the outcome is beautiful. For some people it doesn't hurt but hurts me lolShe also had as the thread in her mouth to hold it but it never touched my skin.

    Brooke said...

    I've seen this at the mall but in somewhat different set ups. One mall had it kiosk style and the other is in a small 'play house' looking thing in the middle of the mall, but it's mostly windows so you can pretty much see into it.
    I remember the first time I saw it I thought wtf? So I stopped to watch and felt kind of weird watching but thought well obviously if you are willing to do this in this setting you shouldn't mind people staring at you.
    I too love waxing. I love the feel of it and like it being ripped off - weird. If threading were offered in a professional atmosphere like a salon or spa I wouldn't be opposed to trying it, but in a thanks!

    sisilia said...

    It seems to be very painful. But I'll try this on my eyebrow. Thanks for sharing your tips.