Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Year Has Flown By!

Wow! July is the month when my silly little blog was born. At the time I started I had no idea what it would become or how long it would last. I never thought I'd be going on strong 4 years later. Woo-hoo.

In honor of my "blogiversary" I'm giving away something kinda awesome: a Celebration gift package from one of my favorite places: LUSH!!! The Celebration package contains Lush's fresh grapefruit shower gel, tingly mint soap, stimulating sand-packed exfoliating soap, fruity massage bar, and hangover-helping Emotibomb.

To enter to win: Leave a comment on this post letting me know what you want to see more of here on Kiss & Makeup. Be sure to leave a way to contact you and--I hate to say it--but this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (sorry, international gals--I love you, but that's the way it goes). You have until midnight on July 26th (July 27th, 2006 is the day this blog got started!) to enter.

Good luck!


phairhead said...

I love Lush and their lovely lushful products! Who wouldn't want to shop at a store that sells soap by the pound?

Anonymous said...

Ooh congrats Lydia! Happy 4th anniversary! :) I love your blog how it is, but I personally love your reviews, so I request more of those. I've found a lo of cool companies and products from your site over the past year or so that I've been reading your blog. Thanks for the lovely giveaway too, I am a LUSH fiend! :)


shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

kitkatkt247 said...

i love product reviews, have you ever thought of adding a vlog element?

DolledUpDNA said...

<3 LUSH!! I think I would like to see reviews of what companies like sephora or nordstrom are saying the next new awesome makeup/beauty related product. Side by side comparisons of things like foundations, or commonly used products that you just stare at and play enie-meanie-miny-mo with at the store... or splurge here and penny pinch here with these products kind of column on the blog. Hope vacation treated you well!

tatiana363 said...

wow! i love your blog! i opened my own beauty website a few months ago, and i'm trying to get ideas of what people buy! i get tons of ideas from you! even though i have tons of inventory, i rarely use anything myself, but a nice little LUSH set would be great! :) anyway, congrats on your anniversary! hopefully my website will do as well as your blog!
take care!

Brooke said...

I loooove Lush! I just wish it were cheaper!
I also love your reviews so more of those would be fantastic :) I also like swatches of make up products, however, that would be rather time consuming, but just a suggestion :)

Hope you had a great time at the beach and happy anniversary!


Chantal said...

Happy blogiversary! I think it would be very cool if you had guest reviewers for products that you get but dont suit your needs i.e. a shampoo for curly hair when your hair is straight. That way you could review more products that you may not of been able to and help more people out. :) Thanks for having a fun blog to check out. - Chantal

The Beauty Bug said...

Happy Anniversary I love your blog just the way it is!

inflammatory writ said...

Happy blogoversary! Throwing my hat in the ring for that awesome Lush box. <3

Megan83 said...

Congrats, Lydia! Love the blog--keep it up!

MeganG1983 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I love your site and have been reading it forever! Please enter me to win the LUSH stuff!!!!

Jennifer (jenjen819 at yahoo dot com)