Monday, June 28, 2010

What's Old is New Again!

Recently I've noticed something of a trend: older brands that have since faded away are making a comeback. Let's get a bit nostalgic and check out the newest incarnations of once loved, possibly forgotten products.

I have a rather scandalous story centering around a bottle of Pert. No, I am not going to share this story...I don't want to incriminate myself of otherwise sully my reputation.

Anyway....I remember using Pert, the milky-green shampoo in the huge green bottles--as a kid. My mother bought it for us instead of sexier, spendier products like Pantene. Pert did it's job--it cleaned our hair with abundant lather and a super clean scent.

I never noticed that Pert vanished from store shelves, but it's making it's way back! They offer a 2-in-1 formula that combines shampoo and conditioner. At $4 or so, Pert is economical and (thanks to the 2-in-1) time saving.

I don't think I ever used Finesse products, but I do remember their jingle (Feeling beautiful...nothing less than beautiful...Nothing Less Than Finesse!) so I wasn't aware that Finesse disappeared over the years.

Now, Finesse has been restyled and is offering up a slew of products for all sorts of hair care issues. I received a sample of Finesse shampoo and conditioner, and I must admit--it has made my hair very soft. Plus it smells fresh--and it costs less than $7.00. Welcome back, Finesse!

Like many of its former hard-core users, Aqua Net has something of a bad reputation. Mention the brand name, and I bet you instantly think of 80s hair metal bands. Back in the 80s--when I was a kid--I was very into ballet. Once a year, I'd have a huge ballet exam where every move counted. I had to have perfect posture and not a single hair could be out of place. My mom used to pull my hair back into the tightest bun known to (wo)man, secure everything with a gazillion bobbi pins, and then spray the holy hell out of my head.

Well, slap on the spandex because Aqua Net is back, bitches! And I say: Embrace it! Aqua Net is wicked cheap--you can pick up a gigantic bottle of the stuff for about $3.50--and, as we saw in the 80s, it has the power to defy gravity. If you're looking for kick-ass hold and you don't want to spend a ton of money, Aqua Net is your answer.


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

What a creative post! I remember the good old Pert! Brings back those childhood memories!

sisilia said...

I recently came across your blog. I would leave my first comment. Thanks for creating quite different type posting.

Lydia said...

Just want to clarify a pricing issue: Finesse is under $7 for a 24 oz bottle, which is much bigger than your standard 13 oz at a little under $4. :)

Katie said...

I used to use Pert when I was young and I remember my grandma only using Finesse and White Rain!