Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thanks, Lumene!

I've had the pleasure of trying out many different Lumene products in the past. Now, Lumene is launching new product to bring a spa experience to your home bathroom.

Inspired by Finnish nature and the Arctic spa tradition of the sauna, Lumene combines the energy and harmony of this experience into the SPA products so you can transport your senses to the spa.

For generations, Finnish women have created a unique beauty experience for themselves by performing their beauty routines in the sauna. They embrace the humid steam and natural raw materials in a weekly beauty ritual, to help rejuvenate their senses and cleanse the body and mind. Lumene brings together these elements with the introduction of the SPA line and helps to recreate the relaxing sensation and positive benefits at home.

Enriched with Arctic Rose Root, the SPA line improves the skin’s appearance and has been shown to increase the skin's endorphin levels as well as elevate mood. The line also contains 90% natural ingredients and 100% natural fragrance.

The Lumene SPA skincare line includes the following products and is now available at, and

* SPA Pampering Body Cleanser, $10.00
* SPA Stimulating Body Scrub, $10.00
* SPA Detoxifying Cellulite Serum, $15.00
* SPA Intensive Firming Body Lotion, $15.00
* SPA Repairing Body Butter, $15.00
* SPA Nourishing Care for Body and Mind, $15.00

I've been using the entire line of SPA products, and I LOVE them! The scent is lovely--there's a light, pleasant fragrance that has a hint of citrus. It's a relaxing, clean smell that isn't overpowering or heavy.

The body cleanser and body scrub both leave my skin feeling clean, fresh and pampered. I love the body butter--it feels very rich and provides a ton of moisture (I put it on my feet then cover them with a clean pair of socks for extra skin softening!). The Nourishing Care is interesting--it makes my skin feel treated and moisturized, but in a lightweight way.

If you want to add a little bit of relaxation to your shower routine, consider the Lumene SPA line--I love it!

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Jenna said...

Oh, Finnish products sold in

I'm really proud of it, hehe, because I live in Finland.
I haven't tried those out yet, but I maybe will.

Your blog is awesome, by the way ;D