Monday, June 14, 2010

The Results Are In!

Ok last week I previewed Nair Silky Sensations, and I finally got a chance to give it a try.

First, let me say that I had very low expectations. I figured there was no way Nair would work. I thought it would smell bad and do very little to get my legs hair-free.

I followed the directions to a T. Here's what you're supposed to do with Silky Sensations:

Squeeze cream into palm of hand. Smooth an even layer to cover hair. Do Not Rub In. Wash your hands immediately after application. Leave on for 3 minutes. Then check a small area for hair removal. Total hair removal depends on hair thickness. If the hair does not come off after 3 minutes, leave on for a few minutes longer. Do Not Exceed 10 Minutes of total application time.

Remove Cream and Hair: Gently wipe off the cream and hair with a damp washcloth. Do Not Rub. Once all hair has been removed, rinse skin thoroughly with lukewarm water in the shower. Pat dry. Keep tube closed when not in use. To maintain smooth and radiant skin, apply your favorite moisturizer daily.

I was certain that when I wiped away the product, I'd be left with my normal stubble. I WAS SHOCKED when I saw a hair-free patch of skin as I wiped the Nair off my leg. I continued to wipe off the Nair with a washcloth and was left with a smooth, soft leg devoid of hair. WOW!

Encouraged by the results on my right leg, I continued onto my left leg. Again, the Nair worked well. I should have left the Nair on my left leg a tad longer, but with just a few wipes of my washcloth, my legs were way better than they were when I started.

Let's break this down to key points:

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Left skin very soft and relatively hair free
  • No knicks, no bleeding!
  • Though the smell is VASTLY improved, there is still an under-note of hair remover/chemical weirdness
  • To have perfectly hair-free legs, I need to get the timing down better. That, or I need to bust out my razor to shave the hair that Nair missed
  • It seemed difficult to get the Nair off my hands. I felt a little OCD washing them as much as I did!
  • I liked that the Nair worked and left my legs so smooth, but I am a little hesitant to use this on a regular basis. There seem to be a lot of chemicals involved in the Nair process, and I'm not a big fan of over-using somewhat harsh products.
  • Before you try this product, be sure to do an allergy patch test (as recommended on the product). I do not have sensitive skin as a rule, but I still went through the process to make sure I wouldn't have a bad reaction. If you're going to use it on your legs, test on your legs first. If you're going to use it on a different part of your body, be sure to try it where you're ultimately going to use it as well. Your skin may react differently to this product from use to use, location to location. BE CAREFUL and make sure you follow all the directions to a T.
  • Though reluctant to even TRY this product, I'd give it a cautionary thumbs up. It removes hair and leaves skin soft...just like it's supposed to. If you're not a fan of chemicals or have sensitive skin, stick with shaving!


StephaniePlus1 said...

I've always thought that Nair type products would either stink or not work on my legs. I wonder what makes it work or not work on certain people's hair?


Michelle Maldonado said...

Nice!! I tried the regular Nair once and said never again but maybe I will give this a try. If I see it, I might just get it. Great blog post as usual!! :-)


jenna said...

I have tried a Nair product once, but it just wasn't for me, and i preferred shaving. But maybe Nair Silky Sensation is better than the regular Nair products? I guess I'll give it a try!