Monday, May 03, 2010

Scents for Spring

Now that it's Spring...and now that the weather is starting to get might be time to think about changing your fragrance. I personally use a slightly heavier fragrance in the fall and winter and switch to something lighter and more floral when the warmer months come around.

Here are some fragrances--some new, some old--to check out:

For both men and women
I love unisex scents! Here's a new one from Hermes called Voyage d’Hermes.

Inspired by a vision of a gender-free perfume, Jean-Claude Ellena - exclusive in-house perfumer of Hermès - has created a new fragrance "to share", designed for both men and women. For Voyage d'Hermès, Jean-Claude Ellena has not depicted the portrait of a man or woman, of a city or a natural landscape, of a moment or an era¼ He was not interested in designing a fragrance with the scent of wood, of a flower or of any particular substance. His fragrance is a play of paradoxes, of complements, of new alliances.

And a couple that I once wrote off...

Forever by Mariah Carey is a bit too girly for me, but it wasn't unpleasant. It wasn't as strong as I thought it would be and there's something a little musky mixed in with the floral scent. What I love, love, love about Forever is the bottle. Seriously, it's packaged beautifully. The bottle would look great on a vanity.

With Love by Hilary Duff shocked me. I was expecting something ultra-feminine, something flowery and way too girly for me. But instead it reminded me of one of my all-time favorites, Dune by Christian Dior. I likey! And the bottle is pretty which is a bonus.

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pheromones for women said...

I have a bottle of this Forever by Mariah Carey. Love the scents in my body. :)