Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look Better...Feel Better

Right before Mother's Day, my mother was lamenting her looks. She said she had dark circles under her eyes, her skin wasn't looking great, and her hair seemed dull. It was sad to hear my mom get down on the way she looks, and I knew I had to help her out.

My mom is funny. She won't spend money on herself and wouldn't be open to having me take her over to Sephora to throw down a bunch of money on products. So I did it for her. Here's what I got to help make my momma feel better about her looks:
  • Clinique All About Eyes ($28.50): I've been using a sample of this product and I really like it. It's lightweight and good for sensitive skin. Plus it helps depuff and reduce the appearance of fine lines. According to one of the Sephora ladies, you can also use it on your lips. Makes sense, since the skin around our eyes is similar to the delicate, thin skin on our lips.
  • Mini Advanced Makeup Optional Kit from Philosophy ($50): This kit includes products for day (Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash, When Hope is Not Enough Facial Serum, and Hope in a Jar SPF 20) and for night (Purity Made Simple face wash, When Hope is Not Enough Facial Serum, and Help Me Retinol Night Treatment). I've used Purity Made Simple for ages and love it. I think Philosophy products are nice--they seem good for sensitive skin, plus they're effective and relatively reasonably priced. The early word from my mom is that she's liking the products, especially the serum. There's also a full-sized version of this kit that sells for just under $100.
  • Purple shampoo: My mom has a lot of gray in her hair (she loves her gray!) and to shine it up, I suggested that she should use the same purple shampoo I use for my platinum blonde. She didn't seem interested at first, so I just gave her a sample from my stash. She's used it a few times now--we'll see if I can convert her!
What anti-aging products do you love? Let me know if there's a product out there I absolutely MUST try.


Laura Beth said...

I love the new Clinique eye serum, and PTR Viz1000 serum. Both very hydrating and make my skin silky smooth. I know I'm only 25, but I've been anti-aging since I was 19. :) Better to be safe than sorry lol

makeuponmind.blogspot said...

That is a beautiful caption...yes we do feel better when we look better.This is introduction to many nice products here...good post as usual.

Andrea said...

I love the new Clinique eye serum! Wonderful product.

jenna said...

Clinique line has some awesome products and not too pricey! Maybe you can take your mother out to some facial sessions, that may help her feel confident! We're currently featuring a 53% off deal- she can get a choice of a 70 minute European Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, 50 minute Deep Swedish Massage, or 50 minute Hot Stone Massage at Lia Schorr Day Spa for just $45!