Monday, April 26, 2010

This Product Surprised Me!

I get a lot of products to try's one of the hazards of being a beauty blogger! And I recently received a bunch of products from mark (a division of Avon). The products they sent over are double-sided multi-taskers called mini mark it sticks: on one end is a lip pencil , on the other side is eye color. The idea is that you can mix and match and make your own combination of colors.

Using a pencil on your eyes is nothing new, so that side of the mini stick didn't surprise me in any way. The lip pencil, however, I instantly dismissed. At first look, I thought--well, I would never use that. I don't use a lip pencil because I am not a big fan of that dark lined lip look. But then I looked at the lip pencil and realized it is meant to be used to color the entire lip. That intrigued me, but also concerned me. Would it make my lips too dry? Would the color go on nicely?

So with a level of trepidation, I swiped the Plummy Pearl pencil over my lips. And to my surprise, the color went on smoothly. My lips weren't cakey, they weren't dry....they felt shockingly slick. And even more surprising was that the pencil color produced a bit of shimmer. The Plummy Pearl reminded me--at least a little bit--of Clinique's Black Honey. And for a fraction of the price.

So there! My initial impression was meh!, but on final inspection, I don't think mark's mini mark it sticks are a bad product whatsoever. This product proved me wrong...and I'm glad for that!

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