Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Quick Note About Comments...

Like every other blogger I know, I love getting comments. I like it when what I write makes readers respond. Receiving comments is a little like getting an unexpected gift.

Well lately, some of the comments I've received have been nothing but spam. I do my best to moderate these comments and to delete them as I catch them, but I don't always win this battle. So, here's the deal: I'm leaving comments pretty much as-is. However, on posts older than 14 days. I have to approve comments. If you leave a comment on an older post, you won't see what you wrote right away. This will help me to keep some of the annoying spam under control.

And on another note: if you happen to see one of the spammy comments, for the love of Pete, please do NOT encourage the bad behavior. Most of the spammers seem to be selling "discount" designer items. Please don't click on their links, please don't buy their products. That will only encourage them.

Ok, and this is my final note: I suspect these spammers are selling rip-off designer products. Before you purchase a fake designer product (on the internet, off the street, etc.), consider what your supporting when you go this: The Danger of Knock Offs.

Lectures nice.


lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

Hi Lydia,

Spam is spam and I have also had a few since blogging. I have added a message in my message options to kindly not leave links on messages but people seem to choose to ignore so it gets to the point where I have to monitor all messages before posting.

Good luck with your new ideas and nice blog.

Laura Beth said...

Blog spam, I had no idea. I'll have to keep my eye out.


xox Laura Beth