Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not Makeup Related...

but this is my blog and I get to write what I want. is a sad day for your beauty blogger. See, my favorite band in the whole wide world of music is Type O Negative. And today, news is coming that their lead singer and bassist, the incredibly talented and insanely hot Peter Steele has died at the age of 48 from a heart attack.

This sucks. I never did get to see them live. And there probably won't be anything new from them again. Gothy girls around the world are in despair, myself include.

RIP, Peter. And thanks for all the great music.


phairhead said...

such an amazing talent!

Li said...

=S Im sooo sad now...
I didn't know that =/

I loved you blog, i'll follow you ok?
Make me a visit later

Kay | Postcards said...

Wow that is sad :( I thought that it was just a rumor because I've read one blog post about it yesterday but it is not a rumor after all because it's true, he will be a great lost for the music industry :(

RIP Peter Steele :(