Monday, March 22, 2010

Shear Genius Recap!

Before (damn! Those are some big ass earrings)


Happy Monday! Bravo's hair stylist show, Shear Genius, is winding down. There's only a handful of contestants left vying to be dubbed the next top stylist. While I'm still missing Jacquelyn Smith's warmth and easy manner and the judges can be a bit too much at times, Shear Genius is still a very good guilty pleasure.

So let's recap last week's show: The competition nearly boiled over this week as the top five remaining stylists battled their way towards the $100,000 finish line. For the shortcut challenge, they were met by Camila and famed African American hair expert and celebrity stylist Kimberly Kimble, who informed them that their task would be to “Style African American Hair for a Formal Event.” Their clients were recent high school graduates looking for more sophisticated looks that were still age appropriate. Many of the stylists were immediately anxious to be styling African American hair; however, Janine was in her comfort zone, having worked as a stylist for rapper Lil’ Kim.

While none of the stylists produced disastrous results, Brig and Jon found themselves at the bottom. Brian’s Roman inspired and well-defined pin curls and Janine’s Gwen Stefani inspired twist rose to the top. Ultimately, it was Janine’s expertise with African American hair texture that gave her the win and the advantage of picking first client and her fellow stylists’ clients at the elimination challenge.

Let me stop for a second and just say this: I am not a fan of Janine. Sure, she does consistently well week after week, but she's just....ugh. She has a clique-ish mindset and seems like a mean high school girl. She's unappealing, and her annoyance/hatred of Brig makes me (oddly) like Brig all the more. Ok...back to the show...

For the elimination challenge, everyone met up at a red carpet event and where they met Grammy Award Winning singer and songwriter, Estelle. The challenge: “Create a 60’s/70’s Inspired Style for Estelle’s Red Carpet Event.” The clients were Estelle’s VIP guests and biggest fans. Janine chose her client and paired the rest of the clients to benefit her favorite stylists. The fact that Brig was given the longest, thickest and curliest head of hair was not lost on her at all.

Brian immediately decided to channel Warhol’s “Factory” muse Edie Sedgwick with a two-toned shag and thick roots. Jon re-colored his model’s hair to look richer and created a Jackie-O inspired look to match. Brig and Janine both attempted to channel Diana Ross with dueling afros, while Matthew went for the late 60’s cocktail party look with a thick braided crown and a bouncy ponytail.

Ultimately, the judges were most impressed by the styles of Jon and Janine, but it was Janine’s polished in the front and fierce in the back afro that won the night and the episode’s title line by Kim Vo – “This is hotter than a gay bar on fire!” Puh-leaze Ms. Vo. Could that been any more of an annoying thing to say? Geesh!

Brig’s attempt at Miss Ross, on the other hand, did not deliver, and her own attempts to impress the judges by editing her vision fell flat. Brian was admonished for using his inspiration too literally and creating a look that was not at all appropriate for a red carpet event. In the end, Brian’s thick roots, unnatural color and uneven hairstyle sent him packing, leaving Brig to fight against Matthew and Janine for another day.

This week’s “how to get the look” from Nexxus
Create a red carpet ready look at home by channeling a classic style from a different decade! You can easily make the style feel more modern and current with an elegant accessory.
  • Spray dry hair with a leave-in conditioner, like Nexxus Humectress Luxe, to add moisture and help prevent breakage.
  • Wrap one inch sections of hair around hot rollers, directing them back and away from the face to add volume. Then lightly mist with a setting spray, like Nexxus Lavish Body Spray Gel.
  • After approximately five minutes, remove hot rollers and tousle hair with fingers.
  • Create a side part and then use a brush to separate curls and add volume.
  • Spray hair with a light-hold hairspray, like Nexxus Comb Thru, to help hold the style, then add a chic accessory that compliments your outfit.
Don't forget to tune into Bravo on Wednesday night at 10:00 for the next episode!

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Brooke said...

So when I watch this show, I can't help but think that at times the model's makeup really enhances their hair/overall look.
Don't get me wrong, bad hair is bad hair, but at times I feel like the hair is just eh but after the makeup is on it makes it look 40X better or 40X worse. Perhaps the stylists should pick their models and their MA artists...just a thought...haha.