Monday, March 15, 2010

Shear Genius Recap!


After #1: Romancing the Wave

After #2: Rocker Chic

Happy Monday! Here's to an awesome week. And, as usual, I'm starting off with a Shear Genius recap.

Recap of Show
It was a rollercoaster ride for the six remaining stylists this week as they prepared for the Nexxus Challenge. With the tension continuing to build between Brig and Matthew, the line between personal and professional was thinning by the minute.

For the shortcut challenge, the stylists were met by guest judge and Nexxus Creative Director Kevin Mancuso, who along with Camila, brought in six Asian models holding various shapes in their hands. The challenge: angular precision cuts.

This excited some of the stylists while intimidating others, including Janine, who admitted that precision cutting was never her strong suit. Luckily, Kevin Mancuso was on-hand throughout the challenge to share his insights with the contestants. Those who listened to his expert advice found themselves on top, while those, like April, who ignored Kevin’s tips and the challenge’s goal, were on the bottom. At the end of the thirty minutes, Janine surprised herself and delighted Kevin, with her literal translation of a crescent moon shape – a win that garnered her first pick of client at elimination.

The next day, the stylists met up with Camila and Kevin back at the salon, along with six young working actresses for a “Headshot Photo Shoot Elimination Challenge.” The goal – create a look that captured the actress’ personality and ultimate acting role. Once Janine chose her client, the rest of the actresses were able to pick their stylists. Matthew, whose confidence was already shaken after the shortcut, was picked last – a fact that was not lost on Brig. Left with a full array of Nexxus products to help the stylists achieve the desired looks, they were given one hour to work their magic. Before leaving them to their work, Camila revealed one final motivator: the winner would be photographed in a Nexxus advertorial for Allure magazine.

The actresses were as varied as the stylists – Brian’s wanted a “hot geek” look, while Brig’s wanted to pull off an “action hero” vibe; Janine’s actress was pushing for a sexy girl next door, while April’s wanted a California blonde style. Brian seemed to struggle with the purpose of a headshot and went for more of an editorial approach. April enjoyed the styling process, but left the judges feeling flat at the photo shoot. Even Jon’s so-so styling left the judges cold.

After the headshot photo shoot wrapped, the stylists were surprised to hear that they would be receiving an additional thirty minutes to style a second, and completely different, headshot look for their clients. This seemed like an opportunity to some and a burden to others.

At the judging, it was Matthew and Janine who rose to the top with their stunning and completely cast-able looks. Kevin and the other judges were impressed not only with their headshot looks, but also with their presence on set. It was Matthew’s use of the right products that produced pictures that truly spoke a thousand words – and brought him a win and a sense of redemption for the episode. On the bottom sat April, who managed to age her client by at least ten years in both of her shots; and Brian, who went too far with his interpretation of “hot geek.” Ultimately, April’s against-the-grain approach got her cut from the competition. Only five remain to cut again next week.

This week’s “how to get the look” from Kevin
Show your dual personality with two looks that are both picture perfect!

Romancing the Wave: Incredible shine and movement make this classic style feminine.
  • Create volume by applying Nexxus Mousse Plus evenly throughout damp hair, working from root to tip.
  • Blow-dry using a large round brush, smoothing as you go.
  • To help hold curl, lightly spray each section with Nexxus Comb Thru Hairspray before using a curing iron on the bottom half of locks.
Rocker Chic: Smooth and sexy hair with lift makes this look rock!
  • To protect hair from styling damage, spray Nexxus Heat Protexx generously from root to end and dry as normal.
  • Use a comb followed by a flat iron to perfectly smooth locks.
  • Pull back top section of hair, pushing forward to create a “bump” effect. Use bobbi pins to secure in place.
  • Again, finish look with a light misting of Nexxus Comb Thru.
Be sure to tune into Shear Genius on Bravo every Wednesday!

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