Monday, February 22, 2010

Shear Genius Episode 3 Recap

Time for another recap of Bravo's latest season of Shear Genius!

I keep saying it, but it still remains true: Camila Alves is not the best host. Far from it. Ok...moving on.

So, for the Short Cut challenge the contestants had to use hair extensions on men to give their male hair models a more rockin look. Honestly? Hair extensions on men? Blech. I like (no....I love!) long-haired men, but men wearing hair extensions seems a little sad (I'm looking at YOU, John Travolta!)

Anyway: Matthew got first pick and Amy got last. Unfortunately for Amy, not only did her client have a difficult head of hair to work with, he also had a difficult personality. Faatemah also struggled, having never worked with men’s hair. The British guy who thinks he's awesome but kinda sucks (Adee) had food poisoning and barfed in the middle of the competition (I guess he's also opposed to men wearing hair extensions). This granted him a reprieve from judging. Matthew and Janine, on the other hand, delivered clever transformations, which landed them the top two spots respectively, and garnered Matthew a very important edge for the Elimination Challenge.

For the Elimination Challenge, the contestants were whisked away to the country for their first cover shoot. Within the “Romance Novel Cover Style” challenge was another obstacle – they would have to work in teams of two. Matthew’s earlier winning advantage was then revealed: he was able to work solo if he chose and was granted the power of coupling up the other stylists and matching them with their models.

Matthew quickly chose to team up with Janine and picked Brig, who tried to sabotage his work the previous week, to work solo. Brig's the girl with the yellow hair and big bows. She's a weird one. She's an obvious attention-whore, but there's something awkward about her that reminds me of Muriel Hislop from Muriel's Wedding. And if you haven't seen Muriel's Wedding, Netflix it immediately. It's an awesome movie.

In the end, Brig wowed the judges with her ability to rise to the occasion. Matthew and Janine had the edge, however, by delivering great color, two romantic and cohesive hairstyles and impressive extensions. On the bottom of the pack sat Adee and Faatemah. This fact did not sit well with Adee, who proceeded to throw a minor tantrum during the judging (he's such an annoying baby).

In the end, however, it was Faatemah’s lack of vision and focus that sent her packing. I think the judges screwed up--Adee needs to go...and soon.

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normajean said...

i never heard back for the fake lashes :(

Lydia said...

Norma, please send me an email ( Thanks!

phairhead said...

"Oh Muriel, yr terrible!" love love love that movie!!!

All Women Stalker said...

Wow... I like my hair to be like that everyday!

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