Monday, February 15, 2010

Shear Genius, Episode 2

Time for another Shear Genius recap!

So the second episode aired on Wednesday and I must admit, I am still not wild about the new host. Through no fault of her own, she's going to be compared to former host Jaclyn Smith and the comparison doesn't pan out in her favor. The new host (Camila Alves) just doesn't have the charm, the warmth, or the polish of Jaclyn. *Sigh.*

I'm also still getting used to the contestants, though in a week or two I'm sure I'll find people to root for. It takes so time to get used to people and learn to like them (or hate them!)
So for the second episode, the contestants gathered to learn their short cut challenge but were surprised to learn that Giacomo wanted to go home to be with his family. Ok, fine. You're not cut out for this type of thing, so adios Giacomo!

For the shortcut challenge, “Color, Repair & Style,” Kim Vo produced 10 “blondorexic” clients, whose tresses were in dire need of repair. I must say that as a girl with platinum blonde hair, I as a bit annoyed with the challenge. Platinum blonde can be done in a way that keep the hair healthy. Not everyone with platinum locks is "blondorexic" and not every blonde has to change to darker color to look better. Whatevs.
During model selection, Matthew and Brig (the yellow-haired girl who wears unfortunate gold lame bathing suits, and huge bows) were last to pick from heads of over-processed and unnatural locks. Brig, holder of the last pick, managed to trick Matthew into thinking that she wanted the challenge of reviving the most damaged hair of all. Matthew took the bait and the client, much to Brig’s satisfaction. In the end, however, Brig underestimated Matthew’s color talent, and his total transformation of his client garnered him the shortcut win and an edge at the elimination challenge. (Cue evil laugh.) Adee, April and Brian, whose model had to endure bleach in her eye and an unfinished style, made up the bottom three.

For the elimination challenge, the contestants headed to the famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where their challenge was to create

a style for a server that was inspired by a single dish from the Dakota Restaurant’s new menu. Back at the Nexxus Salon, the stylists went in many different directions, from literal translations of their dish featuring props and color, to more subdued offerings. In the end, the judges rewarded Jon for his polished take on seared scallops, while Arzo’s aimless vision of Tuna Tatake fell flat and prompted her elimination. The challenge was a bit odd, but the winning look was lovely and I can't complain with Arzo's tuna-haired flop ending up as the big loser.


This week’s “how to get the look”

Have fun with your hair by taking inspiration from things outside the norm, like an artistically sculpted appetizer. For a yummy style like last night’s winning look, try adding a bright accessory to an ordinary up-do. With this look, you are sure to be the dish du jour.
  • Shampoo and condition with hydrating products, such as Nexxus Therappe and Nexxus Humectress.
  • To create supple texture, apply a mousse, like Nexxus Gorgeous Curls, onto damp hair, then blow-dry, paying special attention to smooth the top section of hair.
  • Once dry, pull hair back into high ponytail and curl random sections with a small barrel iron.
  • Use bobbi pins to secure individual curls around the ponytail into an artful up-do.
  • Help prevent flyaways and maintain the style with a light misting of hairspray, like Nexxus Comb Thru.
  • Finish the look by pinning an elegant accessory, such as a flower, to one side of the up-do, or several flowers in between the curls.
Don't forget to tune into Bravo at 10:00 pm on Wednesday night to check out the next Shear Genius!

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