Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beauty Product of the Week: Bust Lift

What is it? Lierac Bust Lift Cream Modelage "contains hazelnut oligopeptides to help restructure the bust’s shape with a collagen boosting action, while Japanese mandarin orange extract reduces and prevents the appearance of brown spots. The décolleté feels tighter and smoother." Available online and at CVS for $45 (there is also a spray that does a similar job).

What did you think? I don't have brown splotches on my chest (yet!), but I am prone to having pink blotchy skin (sexy!). The skin on my decolletage is also prone to dryness, so using a cream daily can only improve things.

The cream is pink and smells lotion-y. Crappy description I know, but it does smell like a high-end skin cream. It absorbs well into my skin and the whole application process is pleasurable (it's a twice daily booby rub, so what's not to like!?).

My skin is still a bit blotchy, but it feels better. The texture seems smoother, more even. I am not entirely sure if the skin is any firmer yet, but it's not any worse than when I started.

The final verdict? Not bad. I am only into week 2 of my 4 week trial, but so far, so good. Regardless if it's this cream or something else, I think adding a twice daily decolletage cream is going to be part of my new beauty regime.


Anonymous said...

Can you post your results after the 4 weeks too?

Anonymous said...

I actually use this product and love it! it was on Rachael Ray in January and I have been using it and very happy since

All Women Stalker said...

wow... this is safe right? no harmful side effects?