Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hairy Situation, Part 1

I was on vacation and didn't have the TV on (except to play the Wii!), but I keep hearing about Mo'Nique's legs at the Golden Globes. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, apparently Golden Globe winner and Precious star, Mo'Nique, cause quite a stir because she did not shave her legs for the awards ceremony. From the little I know about Mo'Nique, I hear that she's not a fan of leg shaving...can't say I blame her.

Anyway, the photo above is making its way around the web and everyone in the world seems to be chiming in. People (especially a surprising number of woman) are slamming Mo'Nique for going au natural, calling it "disgusting" and "shocking" that she would hit the red carpet with some extra fur of her own on her legs.

Here are my two cents on the whole deal:
  • My initial thought? Who cares about Mo'Nique's (or anyone else's) legs? Honestly, don't we have more important things to worry about?
  • Having said that, it does look a little weird to see a woman in a formal gown, with her hair and makeup done, with unshaved legs. It's not something we're used to. That doesn't mean that it's right or's just different.
  • As much as I hate shaving my legs (and I really, really do), I am absolutely certain that if I were going to attend a major awards ceremony, I'd take the time to shave my legs.
Mo'Nique's legs will (hopefully) stop being a source of discussion soon enough, but I ask you: hairy legs at a formal event: In or Out? I say it's an out just because it looks so damn out of place. Leave me your thoughts!


Kaitlynn said...

heyy! I heard about this too...and honestly I think she showed her legs off for extra publicity, I mean what she does (or doesnt) do is her own business, she could of gone the whole night and no one would of known under that long gown, but she had to show them off in front of a million photographers?? haha a little low if you ask me.

love you blog! I have a makeup one too!

Leslie said...

I HATE shaving my legs, but when I don't, I begin to feel unattractive. So I try to do it once a week or so, which is not enough, but whatever. The hatred runs deep, what can I say?

I'm not sure I would ever wear a dress and not shave my legs, even though my leg hair is blonde. But good for her for doing it.

Natalie said...

I didn't hear about this. lol but wow, thats not like oops I forgot to shave and I have stubs. She has full out leg hair. Its not that big of a deal for everyone to talk about.. but I agree, for a formal event like that.. where you've got your hair done, makeup and an expensive dress and shoes on.. it would make sence to pamper.. ie: paint your nails/toenails, tweeze your eyebrows and shave. I think that was pretty tacky. I mean, I HATE shaving too. But I'd at least wear stockings or something If I was that lazy not to shave while wearing a dress that showed my legs. I use to have a job where I'd wear a differnt pencil skirt every day and I always wore nude stockings to conceal stubble because I didn't want to shave every single day. I bought a electric shaver and would shave my legs halfway out the door. lol it may not be the closest shave but it did the job. But yeah, I think it was a publicity thing because of the way she is posing lifting up her dress. who knows.

CosmoFreakaLeak said... get your freakin toes done but not shave your legs? that is so nasty. imagine the poor lady who had to do that pedicure and rub those hairy ass legs? i just barfed in my mouth a little. lol

The Girl Least Likely To said...

I would never leave my house with my legs looking like that BUT that doesn't mean that it's wrong or gross. Obviously if she doesn't have a problem with it then no one should care.

ashley.readings said...

i was stoked to see her hairy legs!

i can't believe people are so offended by body hair. Let alone other people's body hair. To me, things like that are a private decision and i would never complain about doing makeup on someone who had more (or less) facial hair than i chose to.

My boyfriend always tells me that body hair is about confidence and being able to stand up to a societal norm that doesn't really make sense. And now that i'm shaving less... i'm starting to see that's true.

Loren said...

personally, I really hate shaving my legs and sometimes I really don't do it, BUT when it gets too extreme such as that, I would definitely shave it for a special occasion..

phairhead said...

i love love love shaving my legs. i'm a weirdo like dat :D

Choochy Shave Lotion!!!

All Women Stalker said...

Can't blame other people... it is disgusting.. there's what you call waxing and having all that money? I would go for laser so I won't have to shave ever