Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wizard of Ooh and Ahz!

Just in time for the holidays--a time when you're searching for fun gifts you to treat your friends (or yourself)--China Glaze is relaunching their popular Wizard of Ooh and Ahz line of nail polishes.

The original hit the market back in 2001, but the new for '09 colors are pure glittery fun. Here's the list of colors:
  • Ruby Pumps: An all time red glitter favorite!
  • Cowardly Lyin’: Gold frost with specks of gold micro glitter.
  • The Ten Man: Silver frost with specks of micro silver glitter.
  • Dorothy Who?: Blue polish with massive amounts of silver and blue glitter!
  • C-C-Courage: Purple Frost with specks of purple micro glitter.
  • Good Witch: Pink Frost with specks of pink micro glitter.
The colors are lovely; shiny, glittery and fun! My favorites? Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who?, and C-C-Courage.

China Glaze colors may change from season to season, but their formula remains the same longwearing lacquer with hardeners. Designed with the professional in mind, their 220-strand brush is great for ease of application. Best of all, their non-thickening formula provides even coverage. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide.

Check out their website for more info.

Disclosure: A sample was provided.


phairhead said...

i want it soooo bad!

Leslie said...

Wow, I love those! I couldn't find any info about it on their website. Have these actually been released yet? I did a google search but it was inconclusive.

It's also 4 AM, so that may have something to do with it. ;)

Lydia said...

Leslie: I know China Glaze products are sold at Ulta and Sally's. I can check with the rep to get more ordering info.

All Women Stalker said...

"Just follow the yellow brick road".. :) Dorothy's pumps are the best so I want the Ruby one!