Thursday, December 03, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week:

What is it? LypSyl Lip Balm "has been the first choice of European lip care users for generations. The brand originated in Sweden over 100 years ago, with a name derived from Swedish to communicate the soothing and natural benefits of beeswax. For the American market, the product has been reformulated with pure Swedish beeswax and an advanced blend of natural and therapeutic ingredients.

Made with pure Swedish beeswax, LypMedication with Eucalyptus. Helps soothe, moisturize & protect your lips naturally with over 100 years in Swedish Lipcare, LypSyl knows to bring out your natural beauty. Contains:

  • Minty Flavor: Refreshes
  • Coconut Oil: Moisturizes
  • Organic Shea Butter: Heals & Protects
  • Vitamins A&E: Softens & Heals"
Available at and other drugstores for less than $3.50.

What did you think? Like a lot of you, if I need lip balm, I reach for Burt's Bees. I guess I'm a creature of habit.

LypSyl is hitting the American market and I've been testing out a tube lately. And so far? I like what I'm seeing from the product. Here's the good:
  • the packaging is super cute. There's a little bee on the side that you use to slide the product up. I know it's gimmicky but I think it's super cute. I also like that the tube isn't perfectly round. I don't know how many times my Burt's Bees has rolled off my nightstand. With it's slightly flat sides, rolling is not a problem.
  • the product goes on easily. It coats well and feels great. My lips feel moisturized, not sticky or gunked up with thick balm.
  • the flavor is good. It's not as strong as Burt's Bees, which is fine with me.
  • the moisturizing benefit lasts and lasts. Love that!
Here's my one minor complaint: you use the bee to slide the product up. However, I find that the product is either too high or not high enough. It's probably user error, and again, the complaint is minor. Also, since the tube is more oval-y than round, it takes a few tries to get comfortable applying it.

The final verdict? The product is super cute and the formula matches the cuteness. I give it a big thumbs up and think that LypSyl is a great change from the usual Burt's Bees. Since Christmas is coming, this is a perfect stocking stuffer idea!

Disclosure: A press sample was provided.


The Mighty J said...

Hmm I have seen these but never though to try them out - maybe I will now.

All Women Stalker said...

I spent all my life looking for the perfect lip balm because anything I use (expensive or not, branded or not) always makes my lips crack like crazy! I wonder if this is what I've been looking for?