Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Lashlight

What is it? Lashlight mascara by Too Faced is "an innovative mascara formula containing millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for a super-glossy, jet-black finish with an exclusive light up wand to spotlight each lash for the most precise application possible.

Lashlight is formulated to thicken, lengthen, and condition while coating lashes with the glossiest of jet-black finishes to make eyes look brighter, whiter, and camera ready. A combination of Panthenol and Vitamins C and E keep lashes healthy and Red Algae increases Keratin resistance for maximum lash flexibility. The patented formula contains millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for the deepest, jet-black finish that lasts all day." Available at Sephora and department stores for $25.

What do you think? I normally love Too Faced products. Their eyeshadows are ah-mazing and worth every penny. They also tend to have really fun box sets that make for great gifts. So I was excited to try this mascara.

The light is bright and lets you see your lashes pretty well. I don't know that it helped me apply the mascara in any way, but I guess the thinking is "more light, better application." The actual mascara itself made my lashes look very black. I don't know if that resulted in brighter eyes, but it did help make my lashes more noticeable.

The mascara did not clump at all, which is a bonus. It also made my lashes longer, but it didn't make them any thicker.

The final verdict? This product is a bit gimmicky. The light is ok; the mascara is ok. All in all, everything about this mascara is just ok. Not great. Not bad. Just sort of "meh." For $25, you can find a better mascara.

Disclosure: A press sample was received.


All Women Stalker said...

Thanks for the review.. I agree, there are better mascaras even for less than $20


phairhead said...

and Great Lash is 4 something and change @ Target!

mineral lipstick said...

That is a mascara with a difference...