Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Fantasy Lengths

What is it? Revlon's Fantasy Lengths fake eyelashes promise to "glamorize your eyes! Instantly get beautiful sexy lashes in a snap with Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Glue On eyelashes." Available wherever Revlon products are sold in a number of styles for about $5.50.

What did you think? I gave a set to my sister's friend and co-work (they're science nerds who work at a blood center) and asked her to send me a review. Here's what Lindsey had to say about this product:

As far as my lash critique credentials are concerned -I want to be fantastically better with them- I have purchased a few pairs of those Halloween fantasy lashes, that never worked. A few of the old school Ardell brand full eye lashes and of course a MAC lash extension.

So far the MAC lashes have been my favorite, as well as the DUO glue that they come with. I dabbled with the 1/3 lash, which is the tiny 1/4inch lash that fits at the outer edge of the lash to give you more of the almond bedroom eye... and love the result! But no one would ever know that I had them on.

The same goes for the Revlon lashes...other than getting them to stick to my inner eye all day (due to my eyelids getting shiny), which i just pinch back into place throughout the day I think they are quite fab. The glue dries quick and the lashes even feel light and not bristly like some of the fluffy dense lashes can be.

SO! In my weakened morning state I opened the package, probably the most difficult step in this whole process, and of course read the awkward directions. The directions say to put the glue on the back of your hand and then use a q-tip to apply the glue to the lashes.... um, no thanks.
I started with my right eye. At first I put a dollop of glue on the plastic package and ran the lash through it after a few seconds of drying time. This method worked and the lash went on very nicely. For the second lash I went old school and applied the glue directly to the lash from the itty bitty tiny glue nub they gave you. I also blew on the lash to speed the drying process - this glue does dry rather quick which was a plus. I am not sure if it was my application method or, my awkward lack of skill but, the first lash (glue to the container and lash drug through it) stayed on much better all day. The right hand lash I also placed more towards my inner eye and maybe that was why it stuck better?

I took note of how my lashes looked ahead of time... long but not impressive. I put some of my BareEssential Big tease on my real lashes - just to layer pigment on them so i could see them better before i started... applied the lashes and was rather impressed with just the initial result. They looked like my lashes just longer and with many more of them sprouting out of my lids. After that i then used my MAC fluidline eye pot in blacktrack and lining brush to go over the lash line and combine my real lashes with the base of the the fakies. It would have been a pretty doe eyes day if i stopped there but because i have very severe issues with mascara and LOVE LOVE it i had to be bad and then at the base wiggled in some MAC zoom fast black lash and dabbed at the outer tips with the tip of the brush to add a lil extra va-va-voom. STILL I look like I just have amazingly long and pretty lashes that I was naturally blessed with.

I likey - but I'm wondering just how long this glue nub will end up lasting me before it dries out or leaks from the not so tight lid.

The final verdict? Overall I am impressed with what Revlon has offered up. And, if I could easily find a way to get both eyes on quickly and not be frustrated with the process every morning i would convert and maybe ease of the mascara wand. I'm sure that the cost is lower than that of MAC or other brands I would find at Sephora and that if need be i could find Revlon a coupon to help with cost.

Thanks, Lindsey for the great review! Sounds like the Revlon lashes are a great alternative for more expensive ones. Nice budget saver!

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