Monday, October 19, 2009

Know How to Fake It!

One of my Twitter friends recently asked me the best way to wear false eyelashes, and I was stumped. See, I wear glasses....all the time. I hate contacts and really do prefer being a 4-eyed kind of girl. I'll admit it: I love my glasses!

I love the look of fake lashes done well. They look dramatic and fun. But to me, it seems silly to spend time and money on fake lashes since I am just going to hide them under my specs. Fake lashes have been all the rage for a few years now, and if you're looking to embrace your flirty inner diva (or if you're just getting your Halloween costume in order), here are some hints that will help you fake it to perfection:
  1. Pick your weapon! Do you want a very full eyelash? Or do you just want to add a few falsies in with your natural lashes for a more subtle sense of glam? Do you want your lashes to be black? Neon green? Pink, with feathers? All sorts of options are out there, and all the variations will greatly affect your final look.
  2. Prepare your beauties! Before you apply your fake lashes, take a moment to make sure they're not clumped together (you may want to gently separate your store-bought beauties with a lash comb). Now's also a good time to trim your fake lashes with a nice sharp pair of scissors if necessary.
  3. Prepare yourself! Curl your real lashes and give them a good go-through with the lash comb. If you want, you can now apply some waterproof mascara to your real lashes to thicken them up a bit. Also: if you haven't done so already, get yourself in front of a really good mirror (magnifying mirrors are best for this) and into some excellent lighting. You're going to need to see all the details around your eyes really well to get your falsies on right.
  4. Attach your lashes! Follow the directions that come with your fake lashes, especially since you're going to be working with glue and the such. Apply the glue to the base of the fake lashes and wait a minute or two for it to set. Then carefully apply your fake lash as close to the base of your natural lash line as is humanly possible. TAKE YOUR TIME! And try not to get yourself all worked up if you don't get it right the first time. You may want to have a pair of tweezers or a toothpick on hand to help make final adjustments. And using the blunt end of your tweezers may help you get the fake lashes to conform to your lash line. Just be careful not to apply to much pressure. If you're just adding clumps of fake lashes, apply them to the outer corners of your eyes for a really fun, old-school sexy look. You'll really need a toothpick/tweezers/steady hand to get the clumps in the right spot.
  5. Assess your work! Now's the time to apply the rest of your eye makeup. You may want/need to apply some more mascara to your real lashes and the fake ones. Just be very careful when you do this. You don't want to snag your falsies with your mascara wand and rip 'em off after all your hard work. While your mascara-coated lashes are wet, you can also sort of squeeze your real and fake lashes together to better unify the two. Make sure your lash glue is not visible. If you can still see a bead or two of glue, you can use eyeliner to hide it.
Applying fake lashes can be tricky, so it's best to practice, practice, practice. If you're a fake lash wearer and have any tips to share, please leave a comment!

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phairhead said...

whew! i am SO glad you posted this. i will donning falsies for Halloween and also will be sans glasses. it gives a whole new meaning to "blind drunk".

AND i love the photo, metallics are very in this autumn and I love the gold dusted eye look. hard to find a matching lipstick though