Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Brush Off

A few weeks back, I was talking with someone on Twitter about hair. She was saying that she was unhappy with her hair and wasn't sure if she should replace her hair dryer or her brush. I suggested that she try a new brush before investing in a new hair dryer. (Hey, @DarthMittens: I know you got a new brush--did that solve your problem or do you plan to get a new dryer?)

I've been trying out new brushes for myself, from a website called Here are my thoughts:

Brushlab Ceramic Flow Thermal Round Barrel Hair Brush
Description: Brushlab ceramic flow hair brush helps create and reduce frizz. Its round aerated barrel allows air to flow through the brush instead of bouncing off and blowing hair away from the brush. The entire barrel is ceramic and produces uniform heat quickly. The short, stiff bristles are treated with tourmaline to help break up moisture molecules and help destroy odor-causing bacteria. $11.98

My thoughts: I usually use a smaller barrel round brush, but this one makes my hair really shiny and gives me tons of body. My hair feels bouncy! If it were a little smaller in diameter, it would be easier for me to use, but that's my issue more than a problem with the brush. Here's a really weird thing about this brush: my cat absolutely loves it! Seriously, when he hears me grab it off the bathroom counter he comes a-running. He is insane and oddly obsessed with this brush--it's funny!

Brushlab Pretty Pink Dual Mirror Brush Combo Hair Brush
Description: Ultra-fashionable dual purpose hand mirror plus nylon ball-tipped styling/detangling brush. Great size for travel. Pink is in!!! $9.98

My thoughts: I like that this is bright pink. It makes it easy to find in my often disorganized life! This is the perfect brush for packing in a bag since it does an excellent job, feels good on the scalp, and has the added bonus of the mirror.
The brushlove website is giving away a PING Digital Hair Iron ($159.99 retail) to 5 winners who compete their survey. Want to enter? Click here.

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phairhead said...

wish me luck w/ the drawing!

Michelle said...

Hi Lydia,

I would say that the brushes from Wigo did make a major improvement. But I think the dryer just needs to be replaced. If it's on High I get burned, if it's medium, I don't get burned but the cuticle shaft on the hair looks rough. I'll see Meg my stylist on Saturday and she what she would recommend.

Brooke said...

I can't get a brush through my hair...I'm a comb lady :)