Thursday, October 01, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Hand and Foot Cream

What is it? Lisa Hoffman's Spa Shower Hand and Foot Cream is available online and costs $17.95. "You'll feel a whole new kind of softness with this Shea Butter-rich formula. It's so luxurious, your skin will drink it up instantly. Stay soothed and comforted all day long. Exclusive ingredients and fragrances are gathered in a sustainable manner from rainforests around the globe. A portion of worldwide sales are donated to The Rainforest Foundation to lend support to the people living in these regions."

What did you think? Lisa Hoffman is Dustin Hoffman's wife, and she has a whole line of bath and body products. I've been trying out some of her products, and this hand and foot cream has emerged as my favorite of the bunch. But before I get to it, let me just say that all the products from the Lisa Hoffman line are a little slice of luxury without an insane price tag. Allure magazine has given major props to Hoffman's Bath Soak in both 2008 and 2009.

Ok, now on to the Hand and Foot Cream. It's so nice! The packaging is interesting--you basically pump down the center of the tube and just the right amount of product comes out. The cream absorbs quickly into the skin, so you don't get stuck with greasy hands or feet. No...instead your skin feels perfectly hydrated.

When I put this on, my husband looked over at me and said "hey-you smell really good!" And he's absolutely right. All of the Lisa Hoffman products, including the Hand and Foot Cream, smell fabulous.

The final verdict? For less than $20, this product will make both your hands and feet exceptionally soft without any yucky greasiness. And you'll smell great to boot. What's not to like? This product--and the entire Lisa Hoffman line--would make for a perfect yourself or anyone else! Try'll like it!

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Anonymous said...

Love Love Love Lisa's Hand & Foot Cream. If I could put this in my ceral I would eat it for breakfast everyday! The scent is so delicious.

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