Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lip Primer FAIL!

I hate to give negative reviews of products, but I feel that it is my job to report my thoughts and experiences honestly and to not be swayed by the fact that I often receive products for free from various companies.

Unfortunately I have to give a negative review today. The product I tried out is Senna's Totally Transforming Lip Primer. I normally really like Senna products, so I'm disappointed that I didn't like this one.

Here's what Senna says about the lip primer: "The Totally Transforming Lip Primer hydrates and smooths lips for all day moisture and long lasting lipstick wear. Essential for anyone who wears lipstick as it prevents lipstick feathering, plumps lips, and neutralizes lip color."

I followed the directions on this product and have tried it out several times, and I'm not loving this. Here are my thoughts:

  • The primer does neutralize my lip color. My lips are rather dark, so being able to neutralize my shade is a plus. If I could get it to work, it would mean that I could have a wider range of shades to wear.
  • The primer does make my lips feel hydrated.
  • I can totally see how using the primer would keep feathering at bay.
  • The primer makes lipstick application almost impossible. I tried applying my dreaded Lip Venom V, hoping the primer would allow the product to adhere better...I was wrong. The Lip Venom V beaded up on my lips and still didn't work (I really dislike that stupid Lip Venom V!!). Next I tried a deep red from NARS. The lipstick color was lighter on my lips--a lot lighter--than it should have been. It turned my dark red into a pink shade...not good. Plus it left a lot of gunk on the actual lipstick.
I'm not sure why this primer doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm applying it too thickly. Maybe I'm supposed to wait for the primer to dry before applying my lipstick. Or maybe I'm just not a fan of primers! Who knows. (On a side note, if you're a lip primer user, let me know your thoughts on the products in general.)

Sorry, Senna! This is one product I cannot recommend since I can't get it to work for me. I'm willing to try one more time, but for now....I say this is a pass.

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