Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Brands

I buy the majority of my beauty products at places like Sephora and Ulta. I also stock up at Target, and only occasionally pick up a essentials (like nail polish remover) at the drugstore. I like Sephora and Ulta the best because they carry so many different brands of products. In one store, I can compare products and prices from dozens of companies. But I also like Sephora and Ulta because they offer a nice alternative to the more expensive brands in the shop: their house brand.

The Sephora line is massive. They sell makeup brushes and accessories, hair products, skin care, and tons of makeup under their moniker. The quality of their brand of products is very high, but their prices are much better than the high end competition in their store.

Best Sephora Brand bets? Their tools! I have many Sephora brushes and they're great. They're not super expensive, and they really get the job done. I also like Sephora's lipglosses. They have a wide array of shades to pick from, as well as different applicators and formulas, so there's something for everyone...or every mood...for around $10. Not bad.

I love to shop the Ulta house brand during their many sales. (They'll often have BOGO deals or vaastly reduced prices during their sales, so it's a great time to stock up!) The Ulta closest to me sometimes runs out of stuff, but despite that, I love Ulta's eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush, and lipsticks. Their lipglosses and other products leave me cold, but when I want to try out a funky new look for my eye, the Ulta brand is almost always my choice.

Like Sephora, Ulta is now also selling a professional line of nail polish that's cheaper than OPI and Essie, but that offers a ton of shade choices.

When you're trying to save a few bucks but you don't want to miss out on higher quality products, you really should consider the Sephora and Ulta house brands. I've not been disappointed so far. If you shop these house brands, what are your faves?


Marilyn said...

I totally agree, house brands like Sephora and Ulta can be a really economical way to go without sacrificing quality. However, sometimes their prices are pretty close to non-house brands, so be sure to check prices! (For example, Sephora charges almost as much for their eyeshadow [$12] as MAC [$14.50]).

Your picks for best buys are right on though, in my opinion. Sephora does have nice tools and brushes, and I absolutely love Ulta's eyeshadows and eyeliners!

Brooke said...

I agree with the previous post - house brands can be a great way to save money while getting a great product, but some items are comparable to more 'name brands'. I must confess, I have only been to Ulta one time due to distance, so I can't really comment on the brand, but I do really like Sephora's brushes and eye shadow quads.