Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Leg Waxing HELP!!!

I got the message below from one of my readers, and I really need YOUR help in answering her question:

Hi Lydia,

I want to save money by not having to spend $25 at the parlor each time to get my legs waxed. I tried a home product where you need to heat the wax first before applying, and nearly burnt myself!

Is there a product out there that you could use at home that does not require prior heating?


So here's the deal: I have never waxed my legs! I've never gone to a professional to have it done, and I've never tried it at home on my own. As a kid, I vaguely remember my mom applying honey-colored wax to her legs with Popsicle sticks and being terrified at the prospect of at-home waxing.

I know there are products like Nair that you can use in the shower, but I always think they're smelly and not that effective.

So I need your help with this one! If you're an at-home leg waxer, please let me a comment to let me know what you've used, what works, and what doesn't. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!


Sara James said...

i have tried nair a few times, the problem with that is there is no hot wax, but you run the risk of chemical burn. and the product doesnt work very well. maybe over the course of time? the first time i used it i didnt leave it on long enough and it didnt take all the hair. the second time i left it on longer and got a chemical burn.

Ive also tried Veet, which is a similar product. Its a cream you apply and then use their plastic "razor" that isnt a razor to remove it. it works slightly better, but still not great.

I have been told by many people the best way is waxing....there are waxing products out there that are precut into strips and you heat them up by rubbing them together in your hands. those work better but take a long time. i think they are made by Sally Hanson.

phairhead said...

sally hansen makes a no heat wax. i personally have never used it. i use hot wax on my unsightly facial hair

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

its not wax but they say the Veet thing with the little non-blade razor thing works they say i personally havent tried it but i hear good things

Anonymous said...

The best thing to use is what the professionals use. I bought a gigi wax warmer that came with all the supplies. Its expensive at first to get all the stuff but once you have it and use it, it pays for itself. Just remember to put down an old towel or wax paper because wax tends to go every where> I hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I have all types of hair on my lower half and got sick of razor burn and stubble... NOT SEXY!! I wen tto have my legs waxed once to see technique and see how painful it really would be. It sucked and was expensive but figured 'they' were right... over time the pain would disapate and doing it yourself pays off the kit in no time!! I bought the Gigi Honey Wax kit and love it!! I get my hubby to help on the back of my knee but get the rest on my own. I love their product line and it's really not that bad depending on your timline of hair growth.

Being a monkey, I have to wax every 2 - 3 weeks. But it's not bad. I toss on a movie and have both legs and my upper lip done by the time the movie is over.

Word to the wise and beginners... use small strips and go VERY light with the layer of wax. It will prevent spills, drips and pulling the paper away from the wax while still on your leg!!!