Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Beauty Tips for the Fall

As you know, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. And by reading, I mean reading beauty magazines, fashion magazines, etc. to prepare for the coming season. The good folks over at Women's Health have a ton of beauty tips packed in their September issue. Here are some of their best tips--and links to get even more info. Check it out!

Find your most flattering lip shade

Sick and tired of your love-hate relationship with lip color? You love it in the store but you hate it when you get home…What’s a girl to do? This month’s issue of Women’s Health Magazine offers a guide to choosing the right lip shade for your skin tone. Follow these tips from celebrity make-up artist, Kimara Ahnert, and you’ll never toss a barely-used lipstick again!

Figure out your skin’s undertones

  • Look at the veins in your wrists under natural light. If they appear bluish, you have cool undertones; If they’re more green, you’re warm.

Don’t test lip color on the back of your hand

  • Always test color on your fingertip. It more closely mimics the shade of your lips.

Pay close attention to your skin tone

  • Fair skin tones should avoid bright shades of pink and brown that can look too severe against light skin
  • Medium skin tones, stay away from nudes which can leave you looking washed out
  • Olive skin tones should steer clear of orange-reds and pinkish reds which will make your face look green
  • Dark skin tones should pass on anything remotely orange—it will bring out yellow undertones

Check out all the lip shade tips at

Can a pill make you prettier?

The latest beauty trends come from within…Literally. Recently there has been an increase in companies who produce pills and drinks that promise prettier skin, hair, and nails. In this month’s issue of Women’s Health Magazine, on newsstands now, we had six testers plus a nutritionist and dermatologist put these products to the test.

Tan from Within

  • Rodial Skinny Beach Supplement is a drink mix that claims to stimulate pigmentation in your skin while shielding UV rays. Testers were disappointed with the results while experts said the pills don’t offer enough UV protection.

Increase Skin Hydration

  • Crystal Light Skin Essentials drink mix claims to use vitamins A, C, and E to enhance skin elasticity. The testers thought it tasted great and said their skin was less dry than usual. Experts say the antioxidants help to maintain the balance of your skin.

Boost Overall Beauty

  • Sonya Dakar Ultima Power Shakes claim to promote healthy body and improve hair and skin. Our testers said it tasted great and claim they got smoother skin and shinier hair. The experts say the shakes have all the right ingredients—they’re really good for you!

Check out these and other edible beauty products at

Extend your Cut and Color

Hitting the salon ever couple weeks to freshen up your ‘do can be expensive and time-consuming. Follow these great tips in the September issue of Women’s Health, on newsstands now, to lengthen the life of your look.

Trimming Tips

  • If you have chin- to shoulder-length hair, asking your stylist to cut sublayers around your hair’s perimeter will soften your ends so your hair looks salon-fresh as it grows
  • Bangs can be difficult to maintain but if you long for those face-framing pieces, have your stylist cut side-slashed bangs which will blend with your hair as they grow out
  • If your hair is long, go for the long and layered style which maintains its shape better than any other cut

Styling Tweaks

  • Using a styling cream can tame flyaways, defrizz and hydrate dry ends
  • Twist or braid back fringe hairs around your face and secure with a bobby pin
  • Add instant volume to outgrown hair by changing up your part

Hair-Color Helpers

  • Instead of permanent hair color which grows out quickly revealing roots, use natural dye for a softer look
  • Try an overnight treatment which will moisturize your hair while you sleep to promote vivid color
  • Touch up your roots with hair-color pins that have temporary or semipermanent color

Check out the rest of these color- and cut-extending tips at


Clarissa said...

i usually don't read Women's Health, but these tips are sooo helpful!! I never knew that you should test lip color on your fingertips and not the back of your hand!

Vicky said...

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