Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Today is the birthday of my most favorite person on this planet: my husband. He's a funny guy. He really thinks that August 19th should be an international holiday. He'd love for the world to stop what it's doing to wish him a happy birthday. He can't help it...he's a Leo.

In honor of all people celebrating birthdays, un-birthdays, or who just need a slice of love in the form of birthday cake, I thought I'd mention these birthday inspired beauty products:
  • Philosophy's Birthday Party: This fun kit includes three body washes in vanilla birthday cake, strawberry ice cream, and chocolate frosting scents. If these don't sweeten up your birthday suit, I don't know what will! ($30)
  • Philosophy's Vanilla Birthday Cake Lip Shine: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips does not apply with this one! You can enjoy all the cakey goodness and you don't have to ingest a single calorie. Plus your lips will shimmer and look great. ($12)
  • Dylan's Candy Bar's Birthday Cake Batter Collection: Just thinking about these products makes my teeth hurt! Dylan's offers sickening sweet body goodies like ice cream sugar scrub, candy butter cream, and cake batter ice cream sugar scrub. (prices vary.)
  • Lush's Happy Birthday Bubble Bar: Lush products look--and smell--good enough to eat, and this one is no exception. This bubble bar smells like orange cake and vanilla ice cream. It's sure to get you in a festive birthday mood!
Happy Birthday, Mr. K!


Leslie said...

Happy birthday, Lydia's hubby!

Catanya said...

It is my dad's birthday today as well! Happy birthday to you all celebrating your BDay!

bookwormlovesbeauty said...

Mmm I love Lush products! They have some really good sets in their gift section. I always have to stock up when I see a Lush haha.

phairhead said...

happy birthday to the boss! : )

Brooke said...

Happy birthday, Lydia's husband! I wish his birthday was a holiday, too - I need a day off! :)