Wednesday, August 26, 2009

End of Summer Giveaway!

A week or two ago, I told you about a best selling product from Too Faced that I'm in love with. It's the Too Faced Natural Eyes kit and it's amazing.

To celebrate the end of the summer, to ease the pain in starting a new school year, or just to say thank you to all my wonderful readers, I'm giving away a Natural Eyes kit to one lucky reader.

To enter: leave a comment here on this post. Tell me what you're looking forward to in the world of fall beauty/fashion. Be sure I have a way to contact you. I'll announce my winner on Labor Day, September 7th. (Sorry: This offer is only for US residents!).

Good luck!


phairhead said...

Dark OPI nails and fake eyelashes

JennXOXO said...

I'm looking forward to the dark, vampy, berry lips and matte nailpolish shades. Can't wait for fall, yay!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till I see the MAC HD collection since I'm a MAC fan :)

In general, I'm looking forward to boots! (personally hoping that the uggs will go away)

Vanessa S said...

I am looking forward to the purples.

Vkay said...

pumpkin lattes, cashmere scarves and Fast Ride lipstick by Nars

Michelle said...

EEE! OMG OMG OMG! (wow, you the best!)

Well whats not not love about fall?

1)I can go back to my deep dark red shade of hair.

2)plummy lips

3)my ugg cardy's really need to be worn because they look very very sad.

5)flase demi lashes.

6) make up not sweating off

7)Snuggling w/ my man under the covers and watching a move on chill evening.

8) Halloween! ( I want to dress up as one of the witches of eastwick.)

9)Chilli w/ honey corn bread.


11)Being able to use my Aromaleigh Luminesce Divine Mineral Finishing Powder with out looking waxy.

12) Matte Nails.

13) being able to have that 'moonlit glow' with apple blossom cheecks.

14)Vanilla Noir body spray by Bath and Body Works.

15) Dark Amethyst Body spray.

16) Dark tights with maryjanes.

and most of all:

I get to wear my favorite colors: Plum, navy's, dark greens and blacks.

Where you can find me: DM me on twitter @Darth_Mittens

Nina said...

Dark nail polish, vampy lips, cat eyeliner!

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

Felis said...

MAC Style Black, OPI's Halloween polish set, and the ability to wear all my cute jackets and coats!

felis_demens at yahoo dot com.

Jen said...

Whats not to look forward to...
+ cooler weather
+ pumpkin carving
+ my favorite sweater
+ being able to wear jeans without them sticking to me! Gotta love florida!!!

BeautyMuse said...

I'm looking forward to my birthday and for the snow to come :D
(I'm Canadian, what can I say?)

Plus being able to get creative with my makeup... in the summer it's just too hot!

fantastic said...

i'm looking forward to a change of pace--i seem to get more accomplished when it's cooler outdoors..for obvious reasons :)

makeup-wise, i'm really looking forward to seeing the fall and even holiday collections--i've been a bit uninspired lately by the offerings at sephora.

oh, and for us specifically, i'm also looking forward to the opening of neiman's--which lines that we can swatch :)

Marilyn said...

Fall Beauty/Makeup things I'm looking forward to:

-Dark vampy nails (ok, I wear them year round, but they're actually appropriate for fall!)

-calf high leather/suede boots (I have probably 4 or 5 pairs)

-scarves (I love scarves)

Eve said...

for the fall i am looking forward to rich colors from mac and new nail colors from opi. i am also looking forward to my pumpkin spice drinks from starbucks.

NattynGeorge said...

I'm looking forward to all of the deep browns and reds in makeup and nail polishes, Going back to my natural dark brown hair color, wearing ankle booties and thigh high boots, all of the trendy leather bomber jackets, long leather gloves, chic scarves and pashminas, metallics, my pencil skirts, uggs.. I LOVE THE FALL!! I hate the snow :(

Mets GirLL said...

I love this contest idea-thanks for it!

I'm looking forward to tights and leggings-so I won't have to shave every day lol.

For beauty purposes, I'm looking forward to matte nail polish-I love the trends!

Brooke said...
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Brooke said...

Scarves, dark nails and hopefully the end of Uggs.

mnk said...

I am totally looking forward to the Nars Fall collection. Gorgeous!

Deanna G. said...

I'm most looking forward to all the great new hoodies & jackets!

Kelly said...


For the fall i am looking forward to:
-wearing my awesome new miss me jeans!
-matte nail polish!
-wearing my uggs!
-and richer colors!

thanks so much for having this. so excited!

Leslie said...

I'm looking forward to getting my hair did. Srsly. It looks awful.

Angela said...

I am really looking forward to the Lunesal fall collection because the eyeshadows are just too pretty.

Butterfly The Christian Barbie said...

i'm looking forward for deeper bolder colors especially deep purples and navy blues and shoe boots oh how i love them!

emily said...

I'm excited for the fun eye looks I can do! And vampier lips :)

Sandra said...

well i look forward to see dark smokey eyes and nude glossy lips.

whitmaster01 said...

I'm looking forward to bold eye makeup. Women taking more risks with their makeup and fashion. I'm ready for edgier clothing with a touch of sophistication. (i.e. leather jackets. rihanna type of clothing)

Alemom said...

Matte nail polis and the purple in clothing , make up and shoes

Chewed Checkers said...

I can't wait for HUGE Scarves!! :) I've been wanting to buy some since last fall.. but now I have the chance to again!! Yayy

xtina115 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for fall lips - dark vampy brick berry reds :)

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

getting to wear my cute fall jackets again!

Rebecca said...

Fall is my fave!! I can't wait for scarves, cardigans and the boots that go on forever!!

Alyssa is the Queen. said...

I can't wait for scarves boots and gorge trench coats.
and not having to hide from the california sun and these damned wildfires and be able to go outside and go up to mammoth :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to wearing warm scarves, having dark hair, deep purples/blues in makeup and nails, and pumpkin pie/ apple orchards!

Anonymous said...

I really don't want school to start, but I can't wait for fall because the great darker nail colors (Enough of the fruity colors!), no more mosquitoes, the booties that I have peeking out of their box in my closet, the end of reruns on TV, the ever-flattering purple makeup the fact that it's not too hot for jeans and hoodies...the list goes on and on! Thanks for holding this, that palette is great! is my main email in cased I win...

Anonymous said...

For the fall, I'm looking forward to red lips, purple lips, the new dark matte nails, and endless trips to sephora!! I am a sucker for any and all makeup trends and ANY makeup sales!

Jaylyn said...

I'm looking forward to, knits, cute boots, warm scarves, and a fabulously flattering color palette.