Monday, August 31, 2009

Cuddle With Color...WTF?

With Labor Day just a week away, the unofficial end of summer is almost here (yay!!). And, to get our nails ready for cooler days, nail giant Essie has launched their new Autumn colors under the slogan Cuddle With Color.

Cuddle With Color?


Who comes up with these names? Wow. Cuddle With Color doesn't make me excited about the line, but here are the shades:
  • Chinchilly: A nice mushroomy shade.
  • Angora Cardi: A pretty plum. (The name makes me think of Ed Wood and his angora fetish.)
  • Mink Muffs: Dark brown. (Ok, this sounds like a really bad Burlesque name to me. Mink Miffs? Come on!)
  • Midnight Cami: A lovely dark blue.
  • Bright Tights: A bright orange shade. (Orange nails? Not for my skin tone, but whatever!)
  • Pink Parka: A super hot pink. (Pretty, but summer-y.)
I like most of these shade (despite their names), except the orange and pink since I can't pull them off. I'm dying to paint my nails dark but I'm forcing myself to wait until it gets cooler. And the waiting is killing me! What do you think of Essie's line?


phairhead said...

love that midnight cami! hard to find navy blue nail polish

orange always looks better on toes

Brooke said...

The colors look great; however, I have purchased Essie polishes before and they have NEVER looked like the same color on your nails that they do in the bottle - maybe it's just me?

Rebecca said...

despite the name i think the line is cute!

except for the mushroom one...It never looks good on me