Monday, August 03, 2009

BITE of the Vampire

Ok, so when I initially heard about Lip Venom V, I was excited. I could care less about the whole Twilight tie in...that's just a little too silly for me, but it wasn't enough to put me off the product.

DuWop's original Lip Venom is an awesome product. It's developed cult-like status, and for good reason: the stuff is brilliant. It plumps lips up while providing both a pleasant shimmer and a surprising cinnamon bite. I love the stuff.

So when I heard DuWop was bringing Lip Venom V, a tinted version of Lip Venom, to the market I was hopeful.

But then I tried Lip Venom V, and man--I am so incredibly disappointed by this product. I am so frustrated by it, in fact, that I am a little embarrassed to be giving a poor, unsuspecting reader a product I cannot stand by. (To rectify this, my Lip Venom V winner--who will be announced later today--will also be getting a vial of regular Lip Venom.)

Let's break this down.

Here's the good:
  • The packaging is fun and very DuWop-esque.
  • The color of the product in the vial is gorgeous.
Now, here's the bad:
  • When the color goes on your lips, it doesn't cling or absorb into the lip surface. Instead it sort of spreads itself out, finally settling in those annoying lines in your lip that you don't want accented.
  • What color I was able to get onto my lips was not flattering. It looked like I had sucked on a lips appeared stained but not in a uniform or pretty way.
  • Most annoying of all: the color seems to deposit itself in the inner part of my lips...not good.
  • The color sucks, but the feel of this product is all off. My lips felt overly slick, almost oily, and not at all plumped like with regular Lip Venom.
  • This product provides absolutely no shimmer or shine and did absolutely nothing to make my lips look better.
All in all, I would say this is a complete and total fail of a product. Thinking I had bad luck with my first trial, I tried this product out several different times and got the same crappy results.

Save your money. Instead, if you really love Twilight, pick up the book or the movie. If you really love makeup and want to try a DuWop product, opt for regular Lip Venom.

Man....I almost feel like asking for my money back from this one!


Brooke said...

The book is a lot better than the movie!!!

Katherine said...

Thank you for the review!

I'll save my money for something else :)