Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What a Waste of Time!

I saw this little tidbit in Allure magazine a few months ago. I wrote it down and just now found it again. According to Allure:

58.4: The number of days a woman spends shaving in her lifetime.

58.4 days lost to shaving?!?! To balancing on one foot in the shower, trying to avoid getting sliced to bits by a razor? Ugh. That's totally depressing!

I can't believe that almost two months of my life will be lost to such a mundane and dreadful task as shaving. Bleh.

Now I wonder how much time is lost to hair drying, brow plucking, and makeup application. It's time consuming to be a woman!


fantastic said...

that's so much time! wow...

Spyder said...

It's really amazing how much time we waste on the long run on things that seem trivial at the moment.