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Guest Blogger Review: Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention

And now for something completely different here on Kiss and Make-up, my first ever Guest Blogger review of a product.

Let's meet our guest blogger, shall we? Her name is Michelle and she's a Kiss and Make-up reader.

Michelle is 32 years old and peacefully lives in Poway, California with her 2 cats (Aoife and Fionn) and her horse Whisper (affectionately known as: Mu). Being a full time student and working full time results in having to come up with amusing and cheap ways to beautify herself. Usually combing through drugstores from Mitzuwa, Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Sally Beauty and RiteAid. Testing new products on herself and seeing what happens. This has caused varied results between surprisingly chipper to completely unamused. No animals, except Michelle, have been tested on while using these products.

Welcome, Michelle! And now, on to the product review:

What is it? Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention. Here is how Olay markets this product: Help reclaim the lifted look of your youth in just 14 days. 14 individual doses for an intensive intervention to your normal skincare routine. Includes 7 tubes of each phase plus 1 mask.

Looking reclaim the lifted look of your youth? Some women resort to drastic procedures like a face lift, but you don't have to go to a doctor to get a significantly lifted look. It's time for an intervention with New Olay Regenerist 14 Day Skin Intervention. While it won't give you the same results as a surgical face lift, you will experience a lifted look in just 14 days.

This concentrated formula with peptide-B3 complex penetrates and hydrates to significantly firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In just 14 days you will experience a stronger skin structure as the intensely hydrating system improves skin's moisture barrier.

Renew your lifted look throughout the year with an intensive intervention every three months.

Phase 1
Days 1-7 of this intervention are specially formulated to ignite the cellular regeneration within skin's surface, infusing your skin with repairing moisture and an Olay peptide - B3 complex.

Phase 2
Days 8 -14 contain a high concentration of an Olay peptide - B3 complex. Wrinkles are filled with polishing micro-powders and hydrating moisture improves skin's structure as you experience a lifted look to your skin.

Price: $ 26.99

What did you think? I felt slimy.It was utterly gross. Like I had this synthetic oily spill on my face 12 hours after I washed it off. I did notice the skin around my eyes appeared to be plumper but there was no other evidence of firmer skin. I was chugging water like mad in 100 degree weather and I did get a shock of plumpness. But I don't think it was result of this product but the result of water weight from obsessive water drinking.

There was also a mask included. Basically after your done, use the mask to wrap everything up. It was white and brawny paper towel like. It had 2 slits for eyes, 1 for nose and mouth. The instructions said to put it on and lay down for 15 minutes and relax. I probably spent that 15 minutes alone try to adhere that thing to my face. I think they only had one type of nose structure in mind because, not that I have schnoz like Barbara Streisand, but I had to 'alter' the mask by separating nose piece in order to get the mask to lay flat on my skin. Once on I looked like Leonardo DiCaprio from 'The man in the iron mask' and I sat patiently for another 15 minutes while watching the TV. The instructions said no need to wash product off, to let the remaining product soak into skin. Skin was not fresh, tight or pink. It was gooped down and oily. When I scrubbed the remaining product off with a facial scrub, I had noticed a softer smoother side to my skin.But you really had to scrub to see what the product was doing underneath. I would recommend that if you really want to try this product and have skin that is under the age of 35 go every other night, not ever night to decrease insane product overload.

The final verdict? Save your money! I was not impressed. I saw little improvement. The skin around my eyes appeared tighter, not so crepe. But I still see some discoloration on my cheeks and jawline and pore size was still obvious. Actually my pores appeared larger which as the result of the product overload. Other than slight blemishes and greasy skin I was concerned by the packaging. You obviously could not over dose on the product by the individual tubes Olay provided but I couldn't help but wonder about the waste that was piling up form using individual tubes of serum. Couldn't they just give you two tubes of product good for 7 days each and tell you how much to pump out? I did not find the packaging very eco friendly.Then they had this large plastic tray to hold the tubes in.I can see how it is a nice display but this huge piece of plastic will most likely end up in a landfill if the user doesn't bother to recycle. I would say that if you are spending $26.99 I would bet half of it was based off of packaging.

Olay Regenerisit 14 day skin recovery grade: D

Note from Lydia:
I tried this product out when it first appeared on the market, and I liked it. It made my skin feel smooth, soft, and "lifted". I did notice that the amount of product seemed generous, but I just made sure to put the excess on my neck and chest. Click here for my 2008 review of the product. The mask must be very new...I've used this several times in the past and there was no mask included.

Another note from Lydia:
If YOU are interested in sending me your thoughts about a beauty product and acting as a Guest Blogger, please send me an email. Or if you follow me on Twitter, DM me!

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