Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tool Time: Hana Professional Flat Iron

What is it? Hana Professional Ceramic Flat Iron with Tourmaline is made of the "best ceramic heaters and electrical parts and design features that are proven to give more stable, reliable performance over time. The advanced fusion tourmaline ceramic plates accelerator ion generation and maximize frizz-free shine." Available online for about $140.00.

What did you think? To give this flat iron a real work out, I tried it out on my husband's gorgeously long hair. He doesn't have a whole lot of curl to his hair, but he does tend to get a little frizzy. He normally lets his hair drip dry and then pulls it back into a ponytail. As a result, his hair is wavy.

He's a willing guinea pig and happily agreed to let me flat iron his hair. I turned the Hana Professional on and got to work.

The flat iron is simple to use. The controls are located on the inside, so it's almost impossible to accidentally turn it off or bump the temperature. The 1" plate glides easily over the hair, leaving it shiny and straight with very little effort.

My husband's hair looked great all day long. It was long, straight, and shiny...and almost completely devoid of frizz. Even after my husband pulled his hair into a ponytail, his hair still looked great and the frizzies didn't return.

Overall, the flat iron did an amazing job. And yes, it is pricey. But this flat iron is designed to last. The flat iron is packaged nicely--with a heat-proof mat and a storage tin--and feels very high end. In short, it seems like you're getting your money's worth with this tool. I was impressed with the final results and have happily added this to my hair care collection.


phairhead said...

i'm asking for this for my birthday

Miss Yaya said...

the blue looks fancy

i need to find a better way to straighten my hair - when i do it wet it sizzles and scares the life out of me but otherwise it doesnt come out right... eh

missperfectblonde said...

Hmm maybe i should try it...www.missperfectblonde.com