Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Want A New Drug

My apologies to Huey Lewis and The News for stealing the title of today's entry, but I think it's apt. Here's why (holy cow--I just aged myself!):

I try tons of beauty products. Products from companies that are very well known, products that are from obscure manufacturers. I try expensive products and cheap products. I don't discriminate. I'll try almost anything.

But lately? Ugh! I think I've hit a rut! I need to try something new, something that excites me. So I am going to ask beloved readers: What is your favorite new (or not so new) beauty product at the moment? Or: what product are you dying to try? Please leave me a comment--I'll use some of your suggestions for future blog entries and I'd love to hear what you have to say!



phairhead said...

Vitamin C moisture capsules from The Body Shop. best best best. smells great and works fantastic

Brooke said...

I'm really loving Benefit's new creaseless shadows - they are kind of difficult to apply because 1. I have squinty little eyes and 2. in the package, the product seems to be quite creamy, but the look and staying power is great!

fantastic said...

hmm...because of the same reason, i've been feeling myself move over into the fragrance sector lately :)

monoi oil, is a type of coconut oil from the pacific. it's super moisturizing, and we use it for everything from our skin to our hair...a lot of companies are trying to market it in different ways these days (ie. Nars) may be worth looking into, for something different!

Posey said...

Check out some of the products from Prometheus Cosmetics. I have their Wide Awake Eye Cream and LOVE IT! And at 16 bucks a bottle, the priceis not bad at all. I use half a pump for both eyes! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Also, try doing the monthly my pretty pink box. I did it once and was suprised at the amoutn of full size and sample products I got. It gave me a chance to try new things without spending a ton of money. You can sign up for a monthly reminder, but you must act quick. They sell out fast!

Lizzard said...

I'm a huge fan of L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, the orginal one with the curved brush.

And I gotta tell ya, Jane Iredale's PurePressed Base is a staple in my morning regime.

Good luck!