Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Need YOUR Advice!

Okay--I answer lots of beauty questions, but now I have a few questions for you. I need advice and I'm turning to my blog for the answers! Yes, this is self-serving, but's my blog so by definition it's self-serving.

Here's what I need help with:

1) I am a natural blonde, but lately I've been going platinum. This means suffering through a bleach and tone every eight weeks or so. I love, love, love my platinum blonde locks, as I've mentioned before. The only drawback? My hair is much more dry than normal...thanks to the bleach and harsh chemicals. I've been trying to wash and condition every other day (and never on the weekends). This seems to be helping a little, but on day two, my hair is dry-ish and my scalp oilier than I like. This is my question: If you have dry, chemically treated hair, how do you care for it? Specifically: what products are your favorites?

2) As I mentioned yesterday, I have come to the realization that I have combination skin. My T-zone tends to get a little shiny during the day but I also have some dry patches on my forehead and cheeks. Nice. I wash daily and exfoliate regularly. I moisturize....I try to do everything right. If you have combination skin, what products and treatments do you use? What's worked and what hasn't?

Thanks in advance for your comments! I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new Beauty Product of the Week!


Chantal said...

Biolage Color Care Conditioner will change your life. I have extremely curly hair that I relax twice a year. I do not color my hair though. There is something in the BCCC that keeps my hair nice and moist. I use it daily as a leave in. I also think it works better than the Biolage Ultra Hydrating Conditioner. You also might want to try shampoo for curly hair as it is less stripping. I use TIGI Curls rock.

Brooke said...

I also have combination skin - I use Clean & Clear Acne Advantage at night and Biore 4-in-1 cleanser during the day. I also moisturize with Olay Complete lotion. I do have to say, though, I do have sensitive, acne prone skin...that is why I use the Clean & Clear, but it does help a lot with oil. I don't use it both day and night though because I've found it a bit too drying. The Biore also feels great in the morning!
As for the hair - I have really fine hair that knots REALLY bad. I started using Pantene Restoratives Time Renewal Mask on my hair and it made it feel really soft and manageable...just a suggestion :) Good luck finding what you are looking for!

Anonymous said...

Moroccan Hair Oil,. The ingredient label looks like any other hair serum but I apply a small amount (blended in my hands thoroughly) and massage thru my hair. It makes a HUGE difference. It was $40 and I was pissed off when I thought it was the aame as the Fructis serum I already had. I was very happy that it was a lot better! I usually only blow out my hair once a week or less since its color treated and looks dry so I'm doing more air drying. Try it.

Alyssa F. said...


First, you hair you should use Costco brand shampoo it's called Kirkland. It works really really well and is a great price and the shampoo smells good and hydrates hair. Than for conditioner use a Herbal Essence that suits you.

Second, wash your face with the sensitive skin Cetaphil face wash. This stuff is perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types.

Now I also use two other products around my eyes and all over my face. Everyday before i do my make-up i put Cetaphil mosturizing cream [sensitive skin] on my whole face but especially around my eyes, and than i do my make-up routine like normal.

At night i wash off all my make-up with the Cetaphil wash. Next i put the Cetaphil cream again all over my face and on my dry patches i use Alba un-petroleum jelly. I swear by this stuff. It's all natural and mosturizes your skin and prevents wrinkles. lol than again i am 16 but i know a thing or two ;) You can by the Alba product online or at any whole sale food store.

Kayla said...

I'm a big fan of Aphogee 2 minute hair repair when I am exposing mine to chemicals. It's technically a protein treatment (you can get it at Sally's), but it will really fill in the gaps in your hair so it can take conditioner better and feel less dry.
The bottle doesn't say this, but I swear it makes my scalp less oily when I use it from root to tip.
I also found that my toner and color stayed truer longer as well, without pulling brassy.