Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dark Angels for My Bathroom

Over the weekend, my husband and I made a visit to one of our local Lush shops. As I mentioned last week, I'm in the need for new products, and I hoped that Lush could hook me up.

I love the idea of Lush. Everything they sell is unique and tempting. And I really like giving Lush products as gifts or blog giveaways. But I rarely buy Lush products for myself, and I'm not really sure why.

I've also recently come to realize that--despite my past insistence otherwise--I have combination skin. And right now...now that it's getting warmer and more humid...my skin can be a little to oily for my liking.

This past weekend, I decided to stop my self-deprivation and take care of my weird combination skin all at the same time. I bought myself a fascinating Lush product called Dark Angels.

Here's what Lush has to say about this product: Dark Angels is powerful cleanser designed for young, oily and darker skin – as requested by our customers and inspired by our best-selling cleansing roll. It's got a natural, anti-bacterial cleanser in the form of Rhassoul mud which we buy direct from the mines in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Powdered charcoal absorbs oil as it gives you a good scrub. Its firm approach is balanced by soothing rosewood and sandalwood essential oils to keep your skin soft.

Now, my skin is not young (it's not old, but I wouldn't call it young!!) and it certainly isn't darker (I'm very pale!), but I am eager to give this a try. You take a little of the black cleanser, mix it with water, and wash your face. There are a lot of natural exfoliating agents in the cleanser that will buff away dead skin cells. Despite this cleanser containing coal, it smells really good.

I can't wait to give it a try...and I'll be sure to report back with my thoughts!


em said...

I love the smell of lush but I never seem to buy anything from there!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Lush is amazing. I've been using their herbalism cleanser for 2ish months and my acne has cleared up greatly. Yet, i'm still cursed with acne scars. The only problem is their products tend to get pretty messy, but I don't care that much :-)