Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: Smooth My Sole

What is it? Dr. Scholl's Smooth My Sole Microfile " is an effective, yet gentle stainless steel file that removes rough, dry skin and calluses to reveal soft, smooth skin. Stainless Steel ProSharp™ Micro File to remove rough, dry skin and calluses. Ergonomic Design - Designed to fit well in a woman's hand. Translucent, so you can see shavings accumulate as you file. So gentle, it won't burst a balloon. Easy, no mess disposal Smoothing pads provide the finishing touch!" Available at drugstores and wherever Dr Scholl's products are sold for about $10.

What did you think? I must admit I was a little nervous about trying this product. It looks a lot like the Ped-egg you see advertised on late night TV. The idea of a cheese grater like tool for my feet made me squeamish.

Despite my trepidation, I gave this a shot. And it works wonders! I get rough patches on the balls of my feet...and these rough patches are thick and gross. When I get pedicures, they require extra attention and when I leave, they're only a little better than when I walked in. But Smooth My Sole quickly, easily, and painlessly files away rough patches, leaving my feet feeling smooth and perfect.

Also included are "smoothing pads" that buff up your feet post filing. The pads are ok--they don't seem to do a whole heck of a lot. But the file? Wow! It really works.

The final verdict? I give this one a thumbs up...and that surprises me. I was fearful of this product at first, but it does a nice job at a very decent price. $10 for a product that gives top-notch, at home professional pedicure results? What's not to like?!


Smirking Cat said...

I wish everyone who wears sandals would use things like this! I use a foot scrub in the shower too. I haven't reviewed it yet:)

Miss Yaya said...

i haven't tried this but i bought the ped-egg before and i hear that its around the same

Brooke said...

I have the ped-egg, too. It works well, but is messy (gross, I know). Does anyone know if this one has less mess?

Lydia said...

Smirking Cat: I know what you mean-nothing worse than seeing gnarly feet in sandals!

Yaya: It is very similar to the ped-egg...the smoothing strip is the only major difference

Brooke: Yes, this tends to be a bit messy!