Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: DoubleTwist Mascara

What is it? Revlon's new DoubleTwist mascara, "gives you the volume and definition you've been looking for in a mascara. Revolutionary 2-in-1 brush for massive volume and remarkable definition. Thickening Brush + Separating Combs = the Ultimate Lash Look." Available at drugstores and big box stores for $8.99 or so.

What did you think? The thinking behind this product is good. A rubber wand that will help declump lashes combined with a more bristles that will add volume...what could go wrong? The short answer: everything. This product sucks in so many ways. I honestly have nothing positive to say about this product.

Let's take a look at the wand. It's both too stiff and too wobbly all at the same time. The red comb gets all crapped up with mascara and huge gobs of tarry black mascara gum up the entire brush. The wand is too large to allow for easy use, so you can't get into tight corners to apply mascara to your outer lashes.

This mascara applies horribly. The very first time I carefully swiped the wand across my lashes, I was left with not one, not two, but three disastrous clumps on my top lash line. That meant I had to grab my metal lash comb and rake it through the wretched clumps to make my lashes look unclumped. Separating comb, my ass!

This product is messy, takes a lot of time and patience to use, and the end result? Yeah...nothing spectacular. I had such a bad time with this product that I wonder how much effort Revlon took in actually testing this product out before slapping it on Jessica Alba and selling it to suckers like me.

Don't be a sucker: Avoid this rotten product at all cost!

The final verdict? This appallingly bad product pisses me off. I hate it when cosmetics companies spend all their time and money on advertising rather than on making a decent product. I normally like Revlon--partially because they don't test on animals--but lately some of their new products are big flops. This mascara is a huge miss. It's messy and hard to apply. It's about as appealing as applying tar to your lashes.

Do not waste your money. What a massive disappointment!

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this, especially the part about liking Revlon because they don't test on animals. But this mascara is horrible. I am ready to throw my new tube of it in the trash. I got it because it was on sale and now I see why.