Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty Product of the Week: blu_ray High Definition Gloss

What is it? CARGO's blu_ray™ High Definition Gloss "provides a high-shine and plumping effect that makes lips look full and smooth —for picture-perfect results. The technology-driven formula has a plumping and line-filling effect for instantly fuller and smoother lips with long-term results. It delivers high shine without the shimmer—making it perfect for photography. The formula improves elasticity of the lips and provides the ultimate in hydration and comfort while the cap features Timestrip® technology to show you when your gloss needs to be replaced. Timestrip™ is a strip that remembers when a product was first opened and alerts you when it is no longer wise to use it. Simply insert the Timestrip™ into the cap and it is immediately activated. As the months go by the Timestrip™ window gradually turns red and, when the entire window is red, it is time to replace your gloss" Available in seven shades at Sephora for $24 a tube.

What did you think? $24 is a lot to spend for lip gloss. I get that. For $24, I expect great things from a lip product. This lip gloss does not deliver.

Before I get to my complaints, here's what I like:
  • The applicator: I prefer the spongy-tipped applicators for gloss rather than the brushes. They somehow seem easier to use.
  • The minty flavoring: The scent/taste of a lip gloss is very important, and this one is minty and fresh. Nice!
  • The lack of glitter: I hate glosses that are sparkly. I am not a Twilight vampire and I prefer my lips to shine, not sparkle.
  • The feel: This gloss is not sticky or thick--it's slick and feels pretty good on my lips.
Now, here are my concerns:
  • The lack of color: The shades are subtle and very natural looking--this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It would be fine to wear a subtle shade if it cost about $10. But for $24, I want more va-va-va-voom for lack of a better word.
  • The Timestrip: I don't know about you, but I tend to keep beauty products longer than I know I should. The Timestrip counts down time and when it goes red, you're supposed to replace the product. According to CARGO, this gloss needs to replaced with in 9 months of being opened. I'm already at the 3 month mark--man time flies by. The red strip on my lipgloss tube grows, taunting me. I know I'll have (and use) this gloss well past the 9 month mark, but every time I do so, I'll feel like I'm doing something drinking expired milk.
  • The overall blah-ness of it all: Like I said, for $24 I have high expectations, but this just falls flat. I've tried much cheaper lip products that have provided a much greater value for the dollar.
The final verdict? Unless you need to be on camera regularly and are really concerned about your makeup, I say skip this product. It's expensive and I don't see that it's providing the kind of results that warrant the cost. If you want a pricey gloss, try Dior's Addict line of products. They're pretty damn awesome.

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fantastic said...

you're hilarious with the timestrip thing! that would get me too!