Monday, June 08, 2009

The Adventures of Super Blonde!

I've been a blonde since the day I was born. Apart from a few crazy times when I dyed my hair purple, blue, or pink, I've never gone darker than dirty blonde. I used to highlight my hair on a regular basis, but lately I've decided to go in a better direction: I'm now a platinum blonde!

Despite the fact that becoming platinum means suffering through the sometimes burning process of a bleach and tone, I love my platinum locks...and I love my stylist! She actually listens to me and gives me what I ask for. Plus she doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and I appreciate that.

Whenever I get my hair freshly platinumed, I joke to my husband that I am off to become Super Blonde. Super Blonde sounds like a super hero, and thinking that my ultra blond hair will somehow give me super powers appeals to me.

I know it shouldn't make any difference what my hair looks like, but when my hair is freshly colored, I feel a little better about the way I look. Super Blonde is a confident woman!

Am I alone with this? Do you feel somehow prettier or more sure of yourself after getting your hair done? And...what is the craziest thing you've ever done with your hair color?


Sara James said...

totally not alone and send me your stylists contact info---if you dont mind---i need a new one in a big way! the one i have now wants to lecture me about why Sarah Palin needs to run for Pres in!

phairhead said...

of course that's the only time I allow pictures of myself to be photographed. va-va-va voom!