Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't Forget: May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Here are a few more tidbits for Skin Cancer Awareness Month:

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals
is partnering with the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) for the month of May in honor of National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Dermelect will donate the May net sales of its two best-selling products, SPF 20 Facial Armour and Age-Def Eye Cream with SPF 15, to the MRF. These SPF products are great because they protect against the sun while also targeting wrinkle reduction and signs of aging.

The SPF 20 Facial Armour sells for $42 and the Age-Def Eye Cream with SPF sells for $36. Both products protect against UV sun damage and free radicals and are available for purchase at www.dermelect.com.

Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, is one of the fastest growing cancers in the United States and can strike people of all ages, all races and both sexes. In fact, with a one in 50 lifetime risk of developing melanoma, more than 62,000 Americans were expected to be diagnosed with the disease in 2008, resulting in an estimated 8,400 deaths (approximately one every hour). Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults age 25 to 29 and the second most common cancer in adolescents and young adults age 15 to 29.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is a forerunner when it comes to easy-to-understand, multi-tasking cosmeceutical skincare, developed with the most effective and innovative ingredients on the market. With a refreshingly realistic beauty philosophy, Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is the must-have brand if you want to treat your skin with the latest product innovations that provide actual results. Availability of Dermelect treatments includes high-end apothecaries, specialty retailers, department stores, medispas, and pharmacies. Dermelect is distributed in over 12 countries globally and is also available online at www.dermelect.com.

The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) is the largest independent, national organization devoted to melanoma in the United States. Committed to the support of medical research in finding effective treatments and eventually a cure for melanoma, the MRF also educates patients and physicians about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. The MRF is an active advocate for the melanoma community, helping to raise awareness of this disease and the need for a cure. The MRF’s Web site is the premier source for melanoma information seekers. More information is available at www.melanoma.org.

If you want to do more to fight melanoma, head over to MRF's Melanoma Messenger page. The MRF Melanoma Messengers program is a national network of volunteers that help educate, build awareness, and raise money for melanoma research in their local communities. As a MRF Melanoma Messenger, you can bring the national voice of the MRF to into your local community. Check it out--get involved!

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